Make time for you this Christmas..

As a busy parent, I confess I sometimes struggle to make time for myself. I read an article which said that the average US Mother works the equivalent of two full time jobs. It also said that Mums got an average 1 hour 7 minutes a day to themselves. Which doesn’t sound very much, so you can see why some of us struggle to find “me time”.

With Christmas on the way, I have vowed to find time to spend on myself! If I’m a happy Mama, then I hope Christmas will be happier for everyone!

Me time..

I have booked to get my hair done next week, with my favourite hairdresser. I’ve noticed that I always come out of the hair salon feeling really glamourous! I go in, turn off my phone, and accept the rather lovely cup of coffee! I’m growing my hair longer as my friend is getting married. So I was delighted to read that Ellisons say that “messy buns” are an on-trend look. A messy bun is fabulous in my view, it’s effortlessly chic!

I am looking at getting my nails professionally done. I always walk by the nail stations longingly, but have never actually had my nails done properly before! This year I have decided that I want gorgeous festive nails. One bonus of being heavily pregnant at Christmas is my nails are long and strong! One of the Christmas trends is gold nails, and I really want to try it! Let’s face it, I probably won’t have time once baby arrives in January!

Achieving a festive look..

Gorgeous hair and glorious nails sorted in my local hair and beauty salon. I’m then going to invest in some new make-up to complete my look. I like quite natural make up, and thankfully romantic neutrals are a big look this season! I’ll be opting for a brown mascara too, which will hopefully give warmth to my eyes!

Will you be making time to pamper yourself this holiday season?



Disclaimer: Collaborative Post.