Appy Drinks – Healthier Fruit Drinks for Kids

Young children often want to have their favourite cartoon characters on drinks or snacks. Lunch boxes in particularly I have noticed the my youngest two children will request a certain drink for this reason!

Appy Kids Drinks, feature favourite cartoon characters, in a variety of favourite flavours! We tried out a selection of Appy Kids Drinks pouches, featuring Ninja Turtles, Dora the Explorer, and Paw Patrol! The drinks range are described as;

“Delicious low calorie juices with added vitamins packed in convenient pouches for easy drinking on-the-go, featuring your little ones’ favourite characters.”


What did we think?

The pouches are handy as on a day out the rubbish can easily be folded up into your pocket – no leaky cartons! This is a big bonus if you are on a day out with the children!

The Paw Patrol drinks came in Orange, and Apple flavour. My 3 year old was delighted with having a special “Paw Patrol drink!”. However the fruit juice content is quite low, it’s 10%.. The drinks are sweetened with a ‘natural’ sweetener – Stevia.

My children all really enjoyed the orange and apple drinks. I thought they tasted slightly bitter, the orange quite noticeably so. But perhaps my taste buds are just used to drinking very sugary drinks? My eldest son enjoyed the Ninja Turtles multi-fruit drink. The only drink which no one was very keen on was the Dora & Friends Mixed Berries flavour.

Mum view..

I like the idea of a lower sugar “fun” kids drink. The drinks are packaged in a cardboard box, with no plastic wrap, which I think is great. The pouches are really practical, for days out and lunch boxes too. The drinks are stocked in a variety of stores, and available on line from Ocado and Amazon.

I would like the drinks to have had a slightly higher fruit juice content, however I accept that perhaps by having a lower fruit content is how they lowered the sugar content. The drinks are fairly pricey compared to cheaper character drinks, but the lower sugar content I think makes this worth while. Would we buy them again? I think we will try the Peppa Pig and Roald Dahl cartons. I think they’re lovely for parties or special days out, fun but healthier drinks for kids!


Disclaimer; We received a range of drinks for the purposes of review.