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    Bathroom Ideas

    I believe that a bathroom should be haven of tranquillity. But, as a busy parent, our bathroom is very family friendly! Rubber ducks and child friendly bubble baths adorn the bathroom. However, when the children have gone to bed, I want the…

  • Pregnancy & Parenting

    Does my bump look big in this?

    Big bumps, little bumps, as soon as you’re pregnant you seem to see baby bumps everywhere! I’ve talked baby bumps before, or more specifically the curse of bump envy. This time round, I feel enormous. I have also started to be aware…

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    When everything breaks at once..

    We all know the theory that we should have a contingency fund. Money we put aside each month which we keep for when something needs fixing. Sometimes though, I find that everything seems to go wrong at once and I…

  • In The Night Garden Toy

    Twinkling Lullaby Iggle Piggle – REVIEW

    If you’re a parent of a pre-school child, I have no doubt you know exactly who Iggle Piggle is! But, just in case.. Iggle Piggle is the loveable blue character from CBeebies In the Night Garden.   The clocks change, has…

  • Fashion,  Lifestyle

    Why I buy second-hand clothing.

    While many people buy from online selling sites, there is still a stigma attached to buying “second hand”. I can’t help but wonder why this stigma exists? There are so many barely worn or even new items in the second-hand market.

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    5 Reasons to be Thankful This Winter.

    Guest Post As the weather gets colder and there’s a chill in the air every time you venture outside, it’s that time of year where everyone starts to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the future. It’s…

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    Aquabeads – Minions Set Review & Giveaway!

    I’ve written a few reviews of Aquabeads, and I have to admit I really like them. They’re popular with our family because they don’t make any mess! They encourage fine motor skills, and usually the children sit quietly while they make…

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    CAT E-Z machine R/C Control Toy Review

    Many children go through the stage of loving construction toys. My daughter is always trying to steal her big brothers remote control cars. So getting the opportunity to review a remote control vehicle specifically aimed at age 2+ was ideal.

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    Bonfire Night Treats..

    Bonfire night is upon us, and I know my children love watching fireworks displays! However, I have to be honest by the time we have paid entry fees, I am reluctant to spend on treats while we are there. If…