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November Sunshine, and a weekend outdoors.

I had forgotten how much weight a baby bump adds to you when you’re trying to walk. I’ve definitely developed a waddle! This weekend we ventured out and about as usual. We’ve been exploring some of our favourite places. It’s been a busy week, and I think we appreciated the freedom of the great outdoors more than ever.

Cycling is still relatively new to E. He can do it, but is still lacking the confidence to do it without someone running along side. This provides Mr G with a great work out! We have had the luxury of forest paths all to ourselves for cycle practice. Barely any one seems to venture there in Autumn.

We also went on a muddy walk with friends, and ended up at favourite pub. The sun was glorious, but the wind was so cold! We had wrapped up with big woolly hats and scarves. So we sat in the pub garden eating cheesy chips and drinking lime & soda! It’s strange as although it was cold, the sunshine and fresh air made it really enjoyable. Many people in the pub looked out at us with bemused faces! Yes, they were sat with the log fire, but we were in the fresh air!

It’s funny how little adventures have lifted our moods. Made the weekend feel more substantial, almost given us a holiday feeling? I am desperate for micro-adventures. Disappointed that we didn’t fit in one last camping trip. But happy that we are at least continuing our little family adventures. Yes, this weekend there wasn’t really enough mud. There wasn’t quite enough exploring. But we did get out, we did get muddy. And we had a wonderful weekend.

Sometimes I wonder if I should take my children to theme parks or organised days out more often. But I remember fondly the days spent exploring woods or on the beach – whatever the weather. I hope that the days when we do go to the zoo or a theme park are more special. More special because they don’t happen every day!