Is it easy to eat enough protein on a Plant-based diet?

Collaborative Post

Is it easy to eat enough protein on a plant-based diet? For many people, when they think about protein, they think about protein from animal sources. But, actually there are lots of plant-based options for protein too! I try to eat a healthy diet, lockdown over the last year has slightly sent me off course! But, I try to use a calorie tracker and look at what I’m eating in the way of carbs, protein etc. I think my favourite plant-based protein is nut butters. They’re so versatile, whether you have it on toast or make some protein balls. I have started to make my own nut butters to avoid added sugar. There are literally so many other plant-based protein options. I like adding chickpeas to meals like veggie chilli, chick peas are relatively inexpensive and they’re a good protein source! I know friends who eat baked chick peas instead of crisps, I haven’t made that switch, yet!

Sports Nutrition for Athletes

If you’re an athlete, protein becomes an even more important part of your diet. This handy infographic explains how as a vegan you can have great nutrition. There are lots of top sports people who are vegan, including Lewis Hamilton, and Venus Williams. Which proves that it really is possible to be an athlete and eat a plant-based diet!

Infographic Provided By Bactolac Pharmaceutical