Festive Snacking – Fairfields Farm Crisps Review

Disclaimer: Samples sent for Review

It’s that time of year when my thoughts turn to Christmas parties, and festive get togethers. Whether you’re hosting a party or going to one, there are so many things to consider. Do I eat before? Should I drive or book a taxi and have a drink? Will there be snacks?! Do I take snacks?!

So, I’m not sure about what the etiquette actually is on festive snacks, but I’ve discovered that most people do like a nibble. Whether they’re drinking or driving, if there are some snacks on the table they get eaten quite quickly!

What snacks are good for festive parties?

I guess this depends on whether you’re eating as part of the party. But assuming you’re just having friends round for a few festive drinks around your Christmas tree – then keep the snacks simple.

Hosting or going elsewhere, choose snacks which can be eaten with one hand – so avoid fussy dishes. Nachos are a no, as while tasty – they will inevitably end up all over the carpet. Keep things simple, and check for dietary requirements – especially any allergies.

I always leave multiple dishes of crisps on the tables. They’re ideal for those who have eaten but still want a social snack, or for people like me who just can’t resist a bowl of crisps! We were recently sent a selection of Ten Acre and Fairfields Farm Crisps. Ten Acre’s entire range of snacks are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, MSG Free Plus great tasting; as well as being Vegan or Vegetarian. Fairfields farm grow the potatoes, and make the crisps in the UK. They also use renewable energy to make their crisps, making them a good choice if you’re trying to minimise your carbon footprint.

They have a great variety of flavours, all of which I know would be popular with guests!

Would I take crisps with me to a party? Yes, along with a bottle or two – why not! Tis’ the season to be jolly after all!

What’s your flavour?

The crisps have a proper crunch to them, they’re a luxury crisp cut thicker than the cheaper brands. I was really impressed with the cheese and onion crisps, I normally don’t like cheese and onion, but the balance between cheese and onion here was perfect! I have to say I really enjoyed the Fairfields farm Sea Salt and Pepper, and they are definitely going on the festive party shopping list!

Festive Flavours?

So, Fairfields have a Kelly Bronze Turkey and stuffing flavour, available in a 40g bag and a sharing bag too. They are quite possibly the best festive flavour crisps I’ve eaten! You can really taste turkey and stuffing! However, having gone on to their site to buy some more, I notice they’re sold out! So, I will need to savour the flavour! I love that you can shop directly. I think they’re crisps are quite good value – £20 will buy 12 150g bags and postage is a reasonable £4.

We have really enjoyed the selection we were sent and will definitely be stocking up for New Year’s Eve!