How to plan the perfect small wedding!

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How to plan the perfect small wedding? Whether it is Covid restrictions placing limits on how many people can attend or personal choice to have a more intimate gathering. A small wedding can be the fairy tale wedding you’ve always dreamed of!

Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

Guest List

This one is always tough! Guest lists can be seriously stressful, especially if you have a large extended family. So, tackle it early – perhaps start with it! Whatever the guest capacity is, divide it by two. Then, work out who both of you really need to be there. It will probably take some serious debating! Make a second list with those you would be inviting *if* you had the space. The second list will become what would have been the “evening guests” but obviously with Covid, it won’t be a physical evening reception.

Planning the wedding reception.

Planning your wedding reception, it’s important to consider the small details of your big day. Think about the venue, and whether it will work with a small number of guests. Having a huge venue for your reception, with only a few guests who get lost in the space will potentially be a disaster! So choose a venue which is big enough for your first dance, but small enough that you can communicate with everyone in the room!

Decide if you’ll make part of your reception virtual. Maybe you’ll use an app to connect your real-life reception to everyone who has been unable to come. For those only invited virtually, you could send them wedding favours via the post so they feel more involved. Afternoon tea seems to be an increasingly popular part of wedding, and for those special guests who you can’t accommodate on the big day – why not send them an afternoon tea to enjoy with you virtually!

I think having a theme is really helpful for wedding guests, and if you want everyone to look amazing in the photos, don’t be afraid to have a dress code. Even if it is a small number of guests, if everyone dresses up – the photos will look spectacular. An easy dress code is “dressed to the nines”. You could even have a pre-wedding choose your prom dress virtual get together to make sure you don’t end up with clashing colours – unless that’s what you want of course!

Wedding Photos

I always think on of the best things about weddings is the photographs. Not the official photos, but the ones people capture amongst themselves, with natural poses. The photos where people are laughing, or those special moments you remember years later and still laugh. With a small wedding, a professional wedding can almost be in the way. So after the official photos, why not just encourage all your guests to take photos. Remember wedding photo sharing is a great way to see all the photos which have been taken by everyone – and share them!

Whatever you do for your big day, remember it doesn’t matter how big or small the day is. As long as you share it with those you love most!