Plastic-Free Coffee made just the way you like it!

How do you like your coffee? Personally, I like my coffee to be extra hot and quite strong. But, not at the cost of the planet. When buying coffee to enjoy at home – which I’m doing more of than ever before thanks to lockdown, I am always looking for eco-friendly choices. So, I’ve decided to write all about how easy it is to find plastic-free coffee to enjoy at home.

Can I find plastic-free coffee in my local shop or supermarket?

The simple answer is yes you can! Percol, is readily available in good supermarkets it is packaged plastic free – and it is 100% Fairtrade Certified. They have a good range of coffee blends, and they sell coffee grounds and whole bean too.

Nespresso? No problem

I have long avoided buying a coffee machine as the idea of those single use plastic pots full of coffee just doesn’t sit right with me. So, when I learnt that I could have compostable Nespresso pods, I was intrigued to learn more. Grind’s coffee is certified organic by the soil association and they pay “better than Fairtrade” prices to their growers.

There’s also the option to buy refill pods. Refill pods give lots of flexibility, as you can always have your favourite blend. There’s lots of information in this article on the best reusable Nespresso pods.

Plastic-Free Coffee by post?

I think coffee by post might be the new coffee shop experience! A wonderful blend of coffee delivered to your door, ready to be turned into a marvellous cup of coffee, all in the comfort of your kitchen. I think it’s a lovely way to buy directly from smaller companies, and perhaps discover a new favourite blend.

Union Coffee based in London, offer a subscription service so you can get your favourite blends delivered to your door. Now, their packaging is mixed materials (paper, aluminium, and PET / PE) so it isn’t able to recycled everywhere – which is a shame. However, they are a business focused on sustainability – and I’m hoping they will be moving towards compostable packaging soon – so this is one to watch.

However, The Roastery – offers Small batch coffee via subscription delivered plastic free!

Coffee in a Hurry?

Sometimes you just need coffee in a hurry. There’s no time to waste, you just need that caffeine fix – especially while you’re trying to work from home and “home-school” too. So, you grab for the jar of instant coffee. There are quite a few plastic free options to go for, my choice of truly plastic-free instant coffee is Little’s. No worrying about adding syrups to flavour your coffee – I mean who has space for all those syrups in their kitchen?!

Do remember, as coffee shops re-open and we are all out and about more, take your re-usable coffee cup!