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Getting the right clothes for Winter.

The changing of the seasons and I know my thoughts are turning to winter. I quite like Winter, especially the snow! I love getting out and about all year around. There’s a wonderful quote by Alfred Wainwright;

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”

Which I totally agree with! It’s so important to get the right clothes to keep you warm in the Winter months, and a specialist outdoor clothing retailer such as Simply Hike is the place to start!

I think it’s important to remember that you need to keep every bit of you warm when out in the elements. How many times have you been all cosy – but had freezing cold toes?! But then it’s also vital to think about over heating. Sweating heavily in thick clothes can actually make you cold! So it’s all about wearing the right types of clothes. I  choose breathable layers. They keep me warm while allowing me to benefits. The first is to wick away sweat (that’s they draw the sweat away from my skin). The second, if I get too hot I can remove a layer!

I’ve never been skiing. It’s one of those things which has been on my to do list but I’ve never quite got there. However this year I’m seriously looking at it. Yes, it’s up there on my list of stuff to try in the next 12 months! I’m not even sure why I’ve not given it a try before? Of course, ski kit is slightly different to the winter kit I’m used to buying. I’ve worked out a list of what I need to buy versus hire when I get there. So, I’ve been investigating buying a ski jacket and what I should be looking for when choosing one. It’s a purchase I want to get right, and I want it to do the job as well as look good! So, do you have any tips on what I should be looking for when choosing a ski jacket?


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