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New Year – New Diet?

I’ve lost track of the number of diets I’ve tried. Calorie counting, cutting food groups, virtual starvation, and an attempt to eat a well balanced diet. The latter was hardest, and had the best results, but unfortunately I began to ‘cheat’ and lost my way. So here I am in a new decade, looking at my winter weight gain and eager to shift the lbs but also well aware that fad diets are no good for me if i want lasting weight-loss (which I do.)

I don’t want to be thin, just have my trousers fit comfortably around my belly. Which is something post-Christmas they don’t. Ahh but do I regret my Christmas chocolate binge? Not a bit. I loved every moment of cake indulgence and every sneaky festive chocolate. It reminded me of being a child, where Christmas and Easter were the only real times of indulgence.

I think my main desire to lose weight is to be able to move easier, 7lbs doesn’t seem much extra weight, until you are carrying it.

Healthy eating is it expensive?

Eating a healthy diet is probably cheaper than my usual diet if I’m honest. Fruit and vegetables, rice, pasta and a choice of proteins can all be purchased cheaply.

I love frozen berries with my breakfast oats. Frozen berries are so cheap to buy and I love them! I don’t mind frozen vegetables, but prefer them fresh so I will try to stick to seasonal vegetables which should help with costs.

I am not a nutritionist or dietician and so i am just going to be using an app to track my food. I guess I am technically calorie counting – although primarily I am using the app to monitor carbs/protein etc. I have honestly absolutely no idea what I’m doing other than trying to avoid processed sugar packed foods. Well, I will still be allowing myself a couple of treats… But I want to choose them with care and really enjoy them rather than eat them in a hurry as I’m hungry! Anyone else fall into that trap?

My initial target is 7lbs, which should mean my jeans are comfortable again! I’ve two birthday celebrations in the house this month so it may be a challenge, but it isn’t a race!

Dental Care for Kids.


Like most parents, I’m always keen to keep my children fit and healthy. We attend Dr’s appointments, eat healthy and exercise. But looking after children’s teeth is also vitally important. My children have been going to the dentist since they were aged 2. When I have a check up I take them with me so they get used to going and aren’t worried about what will happen.

How to look after your children’s oral health.

I’m sharing this handy guide on how best to care for your children’s teeth. As it’s always nice to have a checklist to remind you what you can do. Remember to always seek advice from your dentist or healthcare professional if you have any worries regarding your child’s health.

Oral Health Checklist created by Natomas Crossing Dental Care

Make brushing teeth fun!

As a child I hated brushing my teeth. So as a parent I’ve always tried to keep tooth brushing fun. My children choose their own brushes, and tooth paste! You can often find character brushes in discount stores which are great for younger children. We have used brushing apps, and watched You Tube videos while brushing teeth as a good way to time how long we are brushing for! Anything to keep the children keen to brush! I’m hoping good habits will last a life time!

Grief – Talking

Grief is awful. It’s the most horrible feeling. It sort of sits on your shoulder, and you carry it around. While it sits there, quietly, it’s totally bearable. Then suddenly when you least expect it, it leaps in front of you bowling you over. SURPRISE! Although, it isn’t a surprise. You start to become accustomed to carrying it around, but, as time goes on, when you get bowled over it is easier to get back up again. It does get easier. It might not feel it, but it really does.

There’s this even more awful thing though, and that is knowing whether or not to speak to someone about their deceased loved one.

I have really struggled with this. Part of me thought that if we never spoke about them again, it would be easiest. There would be no awkward moments, and no emotions – that would be easiest wouldn’t it?

I quickly discovered that not talking made me personally feel worse. It was like I had bottled everything up, and I got to the point where I just couldn’t not talk about it anymore.

So now, I will say “OH! Gosh she would have loved that – she adored those!”. Or I will talk about those funny times, or where a photo was taken. It still hurts, don’t get me wrong – it does. But it also makes me smile. But that is me. I have the idea that by talking about my loved ones, I keep their memory alive.

However, I also totally understand those who would rather not talk about their loved ones. Sometimes the pain of remembering them is too great. Verbalising a loved one in a past tense is too painful. To try to not think of them, or at least not think of them as gone.

My advice, if you know someone who has lost a loved one, just say something to them. You can talk about the weather, your favourite cake, or ask them if they’re ok. They may cry, they may ignore you, or it may bring you closer.

Removing Toxic Things from Your Life for Improved Health

Have you ever wondered why no matter how much you diet and exercise, you still can’t seem to lose weight or improve your health? There are lots of reasons this could be happening, but one thing people tend to forget to factor in is the toxicity in their lives. From the air you breathe to the people you center yourself around there are toxic things that slowly eat away at your mental and physical health. Failure to detox or remove yourself from those things first can make your journey towards healthier living a lot more troubling. 

What are some toxic things you should remove from your life? Check out this list below: 


Cigarettes are highly toxic and extremely addictive. Smoking eats away at almost every part of your body causing issues that range from heart disease to cancer. It reduces your ability to breathe, deprives you of your youth, and so much more. If you’re smoking it’s time to let it go. There are plenty of ways to quit smoking whether you use medications, chewing gum, patches, or vape pens, just do what it takes to remove this from your lifestyle. 


Stress is necessary at times, but when a person’s lifestyle is constantly stressing them out it can become toxic. Too much stress causes the body to go into fight or flight mode which sends stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline rushing through your body. It raises your heart rate, increases your blood pressure, dampens your mood, drains your energy, and puts you at risk for a number of mental and physical health conditions. 

Though stress is normal, you need to find ways to remove it from your life if it’s constant. Sort through issues you may be having at work or home, get organized, simplify your life, learn how to say no, and more importantly, know when to ask for help. 

Friends and Significant Others

The people you have in your life can also be toxic. They drain your energy and wear you out emotionally. There are lots of ways to describe a toxic relationship. You may have friends who are always out partying, drinking, and smoking or picking on you for imperfections like your weight. Your significant other might be verbally or physically abusive or they might be extra dependent on you or very controlling and insecure. As much as you may care about these people, they are sucking the life right out of you. Letting go might be bittersweet, but it’s worth it. Find a straightforward but neutral way to remove them from your life (unless of course, there is abuse going on then just get out of there). 

Fast and Processed Food

Burgers and fries from your favorite fast-food restaurant might taste great but it really isn’t good for your health. Most food today consumes a lot of toxic ingredients that lead to health issues down the line. They are high in salt, sugar, and other additives. They’re also genetically modified which isn’t good either. Your diet can be linked to so many health problems from weight-related issues like diabetes or high blood pressure to more serious issues like autoimmune diseases and cancer. 

It is best to start looking for recipes that provide healthy alternatives to things you enjoy eating out. If you’re a fan of burgers and fries, try a turkey or veggie burger and sweet potato or zucchini fries. Love pizza? Try wheat crust, goat cheese, and veggies. Some people even start with a green smoothie cleanse to try and adjust their pallets before starting a new diet. Drinking raw fruits and veggies for a few days can really give your body the jumpstart it needs to ditch fast and processed foods for good. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to toxic things in your life that need to be removed. However, if you start here and continue your healthy habits like dieting and exercising, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to reach your health and fitness goals. 

Collaborative Post.

Do I have too much screen time?

Collaborative Post

I was posed the question by Vizulize eye care, do you think you have too much screen time? I hadn’t really thought about this before, but it made me think! My children would say – yes. Every quiet minute I am using my phone to capture photos, or staying in touch with texts. And thinking about it, maybe I could use my phone less?

Here’s the thing, with email, social media and text messages, keeping in touch has never been easier. Information is easy to get on the go, and there’s a temptation to stand and read the news or even play a game on my phone while standing waiting for a bus – or to collect the children from an after school club.

Then there’s another dimension to this, being able to use your phone for keeping in touch with work. Yes, how many people send work related emails from their mobile phone? More than even I’m imagining no doubt! I know that much of my screen time is spent looking at Instagram – I can lose an hour scrolling through pictures of peoples homes or fashion posts. Yes, I really do love Instagram!

I try to limit my screen time, but if I don’t, I find myself with tired eyes. Vizulize recommends practising screen mindfulness:

Attending sight tests, taking steps to reduce blue light and minimising device usage before bed are all effective ways to prioritise your eye health without sacrificing your lifestyle – just make sure you let your optician know if you notice any changes.

I have recently had my eyes tested and I’ve ordered new glasses. I’m trying to make sure I limit my phone time over the summer holidays, that means turning off alerts from my emails and apps! And making sure I make time to relax my eyes!

Women’s Health and wellbeing.


European leaders in dietary supplements, Pharma Nord, recently carried out a survey to discover more about women’s health. For many women, health issues are taboo topics, and they feel embarrassed to discuss personal health concerns, or mental health concerns. A recent study carried out by NICE has indicated that 1 in 4 women will require treatment for depression at some point in their life, versus 1 in 10 men. Continue reading