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New Year – New Diet?

I’ve lost track of the number of diets I’ve tried. Calorie counting, cutting food groups, virtual starvation, and an attempt to eat a well balanced diet. The latter was hardest, and had the best results, but unfortunately I began to ‘cheat’ and lost my way. So here I am in a new decade, looking at my winter weight gain and eager to shift the lbs but also well aware that fad diets are no good for me if i want lasting weight-loss (which I do.)

I don’t want to be thin, just have my trousers fit comfortably around my belly. Which is something post-Christmas they don’t. Ahh but do I regret my Christmas chocolate binge? Not a bit. I loved every moment of cake indulgence and every sneaky festive chocolate. It reminded me of being a child, where Christmas and Easter were the only real times of indulgence.

I think my main desire to lose weight is to be able to move easier, 7lbs doesn’t seem much extra weight, until you are carrying it.

Healthy eating is it expensive?

Eating a healthy diet is probably cheaper than my usual diet if I’m honest. Fruit and vegetables, rice, pasta and a choice of proteins can all be purchased cheaply.

I love frozen berries with my breakfast oats. Frozen berries are so cheap to buy and I love them! I don’t mind frozen vegetables, but prefer them fresh so I will try to stick to seasonal vegetables which should help with costs.

I am not a nutritionist or dietician and so i am just going to be using an app to track my food. I guess I am technically calorie counting – although primarily I am using the app to monitor carbs/protein etc. I have honestly absolutely no idea what I’m doing other than trying to avoid processed sugar packed foods. Well, I will still be allowing myself a couple of treats… But I want to choose them with care and really enjoy them rather than eat them in a hurry as I’m hungry! Anyone else fall into that trap?

My initial target is 7lbs, which should mean my jeans are comfortable again! I’ve two birthday celebrations in the house this month so it may be a challenge, but it isn’t a race!

A new era..

Between the school runs, play dates, and endless washing (seriously how do two small children manage to create so much?!) I have found myself really enjoying life the last few weeks, hence I’ve neglected the blog.. Since December I’ve felt in a bit of a rut, rather unhappy I’ve struggled to see the bright side of life and the miserable cold weather certainly didn’t help my mood! The first signs of sunshine spelt a new era, and I have found a new energy and confidence! I’ve been cavorting around the country visiting friends, exercising, gardening and even (whispers) cleaning! Now don’t get thinking I’ve become a domestic goddess over night, that is simply untrue – I still can’t cook, although I have managed to perfect some simple baking skills..I am now truly one of those women who when stressed bakes! 
 I have to confess, I had a break through with my diet after reading the book Beyond Temptation, it addresses over-eating and unhealthy relationships with food which I undoutedbly have. Yes I am that woman who buys a large pack of cream eclairs and having opened them to have one with my coffee, I then end up eating the entire pack to conceal the evidence that I have had one at all.. The book doesn’t make excuses, doesn’t make promises that you will weight, but DOES help you deal with issues around why you starve all day and then binge at night, or punish yourself for having that ice cream at the beach. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’ve stopped feeling guilty when I decide I want a desert as I fancy it (and I’ve stopped referring to it as “a treat”). 
So, life is good and I’m training for a 5k with my lovely friend Ani who will undoubtedly shame me with her speed around the course! I’ve had a sneeky chat with a personal trainer and he’s given me exercises which I can do at home in front of the tv..perfect for the lazy girl in me!

Ms G xx

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of Beyond Temptation free of charge, the link is NOT affiliate. All thoughts about the book are my own based on my experiences using the book for the last 8weeks.

August = Goriami Family Healthy Options Month!

While sat watching my 3yr old running about in the garden, it occurred to me how much energy he uses each day and how little comparatively I do. It’s no secret that I am overweight post-baby, and it is something which has bothered me since Elvis was 6 weeks old. Having lost almost a stone relatively easily, I realise that it isn’t my shape that bothers me, more the health risks which I’m imposing on myself by being this weight. I got thinking what I’m doing wrong, and realised it isn’t one thing, but a variety of little things. My excuses are ‘I’m too tired to cook’, ‘i’m having a bad day with the baby so that chocolate bar will get me through’, ‘My old injury to my knee means i can’t run’, ‘ i hate my figure so I’m not going to let anyone else see it in a swimming costume or they might need counselling..’ (any of these sound familiar?!).

The worrying thing for me, is that my children will follow my example, so if i sit and devour biscuits for breakfast or refuse to shift from the sofa come 5pm what will they do…. So, I’ve decided to use August to blog about healthier options for the family, not just diet and exercise but also quitting smoking, skin care and making time for yourself!

 I’ve not intention to preach about eating a strict diet, exercise 50 times per week or any other such facts, as let’s face it, we might all have best intentions but how many of us have stuck to New Years Resolutions..? The idea is simple changes to our busy lifestyles making us healthier and happier!