24 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy this time is flying by, I am amazed how quickly. I have barely taken a bump photo, and I am not sure I’ve fully accepted that I am this far along in pregnancy!

baby bump 24weeks!

The bump..

I’ve gained a little less weight this time than during my last pregnancy at 24 weeks. I think this is mostly due to feeling quite unwell for the first few months of pregnancy. Now however I have my appetite back…!


I have struggled with SPD in previous pregnancy. This time it is causing me to struggle to walk or move about properly. Even getting out of a chair can cause me problems. The physio has been great, and really sympathetic. I’ve been set exercises to do twice daily, and while I’m not sure if they are helping, it makes me feel more in control of the situation!

Planning for baby…

Should I have started to plan yet? I’ve not started, not really. I really do need to start planning, or at least thinking about things! I know that baby will be sleeping in a bedside crib.  I’m sure I want to stick with cloth nappies, but I’m not sure which brand to use this time round! Travel systems..well I could write an entire blog post just on that, in fact perhaps I will. It just feels like such a big decision to make, there are so many things to consider.

Planning for birth…

I am still toying with the idea of a home birth. I hated staying in after giving birth, I didn’t feel rested, instead I felt exhausted. The idea of giving birth and then being able to climb into my bed feels much more appealing. What puts me off a home birth is we are a fair way from hospital should something go wrong. Plus with the added complications of un-gritted country lanes in January..  More thinking to be done on this one!

So, that’s me at 24 weeks pregnant with baby number 4!