Win with BIC and Mumsnet this summer!

Like many parents, I display the children’s artwork in pride of place on the fridge. BIC have teamed up with Mumsnet to offer parents the chance to see their child’s artwork displayed on a billboard!

Running from 17th July to 6th August 2017, children aged 5 to 11 are able to enter this exciting competition. To enter, parents simply take a photo of their child’s drawing and upload it to the native discussion page on Mumsnet by Sunday 6th August. Entries will be judged by an expert panel.  10 lucky winners will be notified directly and billboards will launch in September! As well as the excitement of seeing their drawing on a billboard, the winning children will also will also win a hamper of BIC goodies!

Tips to get your children drawing this summer..

*Make a space and let their imagination run wild. If they’re not sure what to draw, perhaps suggest they draw be prepared for less than flattering results!

*Remind them that their artwork is exactly that, art. It doesn’t have to be accurate like a photograph they are interpreting what they can see.

*Join in.. my drawing is terrible but the children love it when I sit and have a go!


Have fun..

Remember that drawing can be done anyway, whether you’re on the plane or visiting Granny. Get the children thinking about their favourite things and how they will draw them! Oh, and good luck! Don’t forget to upload your child’s drawing at Mumsnet.



Disclaimer; post in association with BIC.