Pregnancy and Health

Pregnancy is such an exciting time, there’s so much to think about! With my first pregnancy I remember being really excited about whether it was a boy or a girl, the first scan, choosing names – all those little special things! But, I hadn’t thought about how pregnancy would have effect me, or the little changes I could make to make things easier! So, I’m sharing my tips for looking after yourself during pregnancy!


Eating and Drinking

Drink plenty of water, get used to carrying a refillable water bottle around with you – as if you decide to breastfeed you will certainly find you are needing to drink lots!

Eating, there are some foods you should avoid during pregnancy, learn about those! Then try to keep a balanced diet through pregnancy – remember you don’t need to eat for two, although you do need to add extra calories – check with your healthcare team on how much extra to eat! Pregnancy makes me ravenous so I would say healthy snacks which are easy to pack are vital throughout pregnancy!

Go to your antenatal appointments!

Going to your antenatal appointments means the team looking after you are able to build up a general picture of your health. It is also a chance to check on baby too – once baby is big enough they listen to the heart beat! It’s also a good chance to ask all sorts of questions – write them down so you don’t forget!

Listen to your body…

If you’re meant to be going on a night out and you’re actually sat falling asleep on the sofa rethink your plans! Make time to rest, put your feet up when you need to! Prepare that you may struggle with pregnancy insomnia, and learn to relax well before bedtime in an attempt to deal with stresses which may keep you awake at night.

See the Dentist!

With every pregnancy I have struggled with my teeth, or specifically my gums. Make a dentist appointment! Remember if you’re in the UK and pregnant, your NHS dental care is free with your maternity exemption card.


It’s normal to have some reservations about bringing a new baby into the world, whether you’re worried about money or the birth itself find someone you can trust to talk to. That might be a friend, or a health care provider. If think you may be suffering from depression speak to your healthcare provider so they can help. You can take this quiz to help you decide if you need to get support if you’re dealing with “depression during or after pregnancy“.


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