Types of Vocalists to Hire for a Gathering

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Vocalists for hire will perform live music for entertainment at a multitude of different events or special occasions. Live singers can add a little bit of excitement to any gathering where they are brought to perform. No matter what the event is, there is a vocalist whose vibe fits perfectly for the event. These are the types of vocalists to hire for your gatherings.

Wedding Singers

Depending on the clients wishes, wedding singers perform during marriage ceremonies or during the reception. Wedding singers can captivate your guests as they perform your favorite romantic song as you walk down the aisle. Depending on the vibe of the wedding there are different types of wedding singers you can hire. Solo acts can create a more intimate vibe at your wedding, providing relaxing background music for your guests. A wedding band will light up your guests with energy and turn any reception into an unforgettable experience.

Gospel Singer

Gospel music has been rising in popularity steadily since the early 2000s. WIth the genre on the rise, gospel singers would be a perfect addition to any event. The energy that gospel singers create with their performances is electric. Whether its a solo artist moving an audience with their impressive vocal range or an elaborate choir captivating any who choose to listen to them, gospel singers will elevate the atmosphere of whatever eventy they attend.

Jazz Singers

Performing hit songs from artists such as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, and music from famous jazz groups throughout history, jazz musicians are perfect for any sophisticated event. Jazz singers can set the mood with their sweet-sounding vocals and instantly make any gathering a classy one. Whether it’s a Mardi Gras party, a wedding reception, or a retro themed event, jazz singers will get your guests moving and grooving to their smooth sounds.


The piano is an incredibly diverse instrument. All kinds of music ranging from soulful ballads to rock songs can be played for others’ enjoyment on this great instrument. Combine the elegant sounds of the piano with the colorful voice of a professional singer, and you have a recipe for success. Pianists can perform at any event and provide excellent ambiance to accompany the night. Your guests will remember the glowing atmosphere they create for a long time.