Giving a gift parents really want.. #MandPNightOff

Since becoming parents, finding time for “us” as a couple is hard! Pre-children, the run up to Christmas was all about parties, romantic meals and days out spent pottering around Christmas markets. Post-children, the run up to Christmas is all about nativity plays, pantos, visits to see Santa and avoiding the supermarket at all costs (taking small children anywhere involving 100’s of people in a hurry and long queues is generally a no-no!).

Now, let me make it clear, actually Christmas with children is amazing,  but..most parents I know would love a night off to just have a few hours to themselves, perhaps to enjoy a film in peace, or a meal without the need for the children’s menu! Mamas and Papas have come up with an ingenious gift for parents everywhere, give the gift of a babysitting voucher! The voucher can be printed or emailed to the person you want to gift it to, and offering your time to babysit might be the best gift parents receive this year!

We had planned a fabulous night out, we had organised my sister to babysit the children, Mr G & I were going to go for a pre-Christmas meal, and to see the new Bond film, and we were very excited! Unfortunately the children have various coughs and colds so it hasn’t seemed kind to leave them with anyone else, but, I have the promise of babysitting to look forward to between Christmas and the New Year which is rather exciting, especially as Mr G even has a few days off!  Maybe I can convince him to take me to a dry ski slope for the day instead?!

Finding time for yourself as parents is hard, but I think helps you to deal with the day to day challenges being a parent presents, and makes you better able to laugh when things go wrong! Christmas is a stressful time of year for most families, and I can’t think of a better time to get a bit of time out as a parent! So, if you’re a parent reading this, and wondering what to answer the next time someone asks you what you’d like for Christmas, why not let them know you’d love the gift of a night off and send them the link to the babysitting voucher from Mamas and Papas.


  • Molly

    I hope you get your night out soon! This is a great idea – really important to have nights out together without children, so easy for months to go by without doing so as the video has shown. Good job M&P.