Have you been poked yet? – Sugar Poke

I came across a marvellous company on twitter quite by accident, and ironically after a day spent scratching my head wondering what I could buy a friend who lives a little way from me. I wanted something to arrive by post, but have a personal touch and that is what Sugar Poke do best! Sugar Poke Thank You gifts start from just £4.99 delivered, and all contain a greetings card with edible treats! Whether you choose to send scrummy brownies or a bag of retro sweets, you can certainly make someone smile with a Sugar Poke, and they’d make a great gift for any occasion!

I received my very own box, it was the letterbox friendly Love at First Bite  – ideal to send if you’re not sure if you’re recipient will be home when your sugar poke arrives as it will drop through their letterbox and be waiting for them when they get home!

Now, I love chocolate so receiving 2 chocolate brownies and a bag of boozy chocolate hearts was very exciting! I felt as though it were my Birthday, and if it had been I’d have been delighted! The card was a lovely touch, and is something which will last much longer than the treats I’m sure!

The brownies were really chocolatey, both Mr G and Boo were really impressed with them and I was only allowed a tiny piece to test as they weren’t really prepared to share! I can confirm though they were tasty and I’d definitely send them as a gift, possibly even as a gift to myself..! Giving the chocolate hearts a sniff once I opened the foil I could smell the alcohol, biting into them I was delighted that the alcoholic flavour is subtle and utterly delightful! The chocolate is very melt in your mouth, and I felt very luxurious tasting them! I love the fact they’re individually wrapped so could be shared, or savoured! 

I’ll definitely be using Sugar Poke to surprise my friends with a treat on their Birthdays this year, for little more than the cost of a greeting card I can treat them to a sweet treat, and who doesn’t love a surprise treat?

Disclaimer: I received a Sugar Poke free of charge in return for the honest review of their service, all opinions are based on my own honest experience of the company.