Swim into summer with SimplySwim

I’ve had a bit of an active week, I’ve been inspired to get back in the pool with both boys and also to take myself swimming in an attempt to both get fit this year and also as a great de-stressing activity! I have to confess, I was worried about my appearance in a swimming costume, and hiding my Mum-tum. Well, I’ve had a bit of help with my confidence from SimplySwim, who contacted me to ask if I’d like to try one of the Speedo swimming costumes and a pair of fitness swimming goggles. 

 SimplySwim have a great range of Speedo swimwear, with basic swimsuits, streamlined swimsuits, maternity swimsuits and well..I could go on there really is something to suit everyone! I decided to chose a swimming costume from the Speedo Sculpture range, as they claim to lift and shape the bust and help flatten the stomach – these are my areas of concern so if their costume could assist me even slightly I was going to be very happy! The costume I chose, is featured on this handy little video which explains a bit more about it:

Now for my opinions! I used the swimwear advice section in order to help me work out what size I needed to order, it was easy to follow and enabled me to easily select the size which I needed as opposed to try to guess which size I needed! It arrived quickly, and I was delighted when it fitted perfectly! The swimming costume is a very pretty pink/purple colour there is a fabulous ruffle detail along the chest line are flattering and feminine without being fussy or interfering with my swimming! There is nothing visible holding your tummy in (I expected uncomfortable strips of elastic but the support is subtly built in), however it definitely supported my tummy and gave it a flatter appearance, while it obviously can’t work miracles, it definitely made me look and feel sleeker! I found the neck line really flattering, and it isn’t too low, so whether I’m swimming on my own or with the children I don’t need to worry about revealing more than I intended! The fabric is really comfortable, and doesn’t become translucent when wet, so I’m very pleased with it! I’m enjoying wearing it for my trips to the pool!

My swimming goggles are also Speedo, and while they are pink to co-ordinate with my swimming costume they are still – I think – sophisticated enough for me to be wearing i.e. they don’t remind me of swimming lessons all those years ago! They are exceptionally comfortable to wear and didn’t dig in to either my face or nose! I had crystal clear vision both above and under the water and they refused to fog even after my daft attempts to force them to fog.. yes I’m fairly sure at one point the staff at the pool did think they had an idiot present! But no, I was just testing the goggles out! They have a clasp at the back so you can take them on and off easily, initially I feared that this might actually hinder me putting them on and off, or they might come loose and fall off, but I realised quickly that once done up, they are very secure but when you want to take them off they are easy to undo! 

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Disclaimer: I was sent the items free of charge for the purposes of the review, however all views are my own honest opinions based on my experience using the items.