Just Sliding along! #MagpieMonday

I have to confess, these are not purchases from this week, in fact this week I have only spent one humble pound on a couple of pairs of trousers for Boo to run around the garden in! 

However, I wanted to share these purchases as the weather is fabulous and when they were re-homed with me it was tipping down with rain! Grabbing them when the weather was awful, the little tikes toddler climbing block and the large slide, Mr G nodded in that way to say “here we go again!” but happily loaded them into the car anyway(we didn’t get them on the same day!). The pair were bought separately but when I tell you they cost me £5 in total..I think they were a bit of a bargain!

The boys have had hours of fun, and on Sunday I saw a giant Little tikes climber with double slide for £18!!! Which I thought was a bargain, but Mr G put his foot down and said no, which was actually fairly sensible or the neighbours would probably think I was collecting slides or something equally as eccentric! 

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