Milton Soother Steriliser!

How frustrating is it when you’re out and about with your baby and they launch their soother on the floor? If you’re organised you might have a spare, but then what do you do when they launch the next one but really won’t settle without it? It’s that moment when I end up trying to decide if running it under the tap and handing it back would do, but not any more! The clever people at Milton have come up with a fabulous product which enables you to steriliser on the go with minimal hassle!

This nifty little steriliser is easy to use and compact (I personally think it looks quite funky!) so it can travel anywhere and it will undoubtedly be indispensable when on holiday – no more desperately searching the car for the spare soother! The Velcro strap is handy, but in honesty it tends to travel in the change bag so I don’t forget it – along with a supply of the mini sterilising tablets!

Priced at around £6.99 I think it’s a great little product for anyone who likes to be out and about with their child! Milton are delighted that the Soother Steriliser is actually shortlisted in Best Travel Invention in the Loved by Parents awards and it certainly gets my vote!

Disclaimer: I received a Milton Soother Steriliser for the purposes of the review, all opinions are my own, and are based on my experience using the product.