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What I’ve been reading this August

I’ve needed a little inspiration over the last few weeks. So I’ve been reading books which I hope will inspire me to work towards my fitness goals. Of course, reading won’t avoid the hard work of getting fitter. But, I believe it will help me to immerse myself into all things endurance. So, there is a bit of a theme to my books!

Now, I’d love to share a beautiful photo of my books, but I’ve been reading them on my rather battered old Kindle or listening to them on my phone! I’ve included links to Amazon just in case anyone wants to read them too, they are not affiliate links. Do remember your local library probably has these books too, even as e-books!

The Art of Resilience – Ross Edgely

I listened to this on audible, but, if I am honest I wish I had just bought the book. I struggled at times with how parts of the book are read. Some of the quotes to highlight points, weren’t convincingly read and I felt a bit lost. That said, Ross Edgely came alive when he talked about his swim around England, and those parts of the book I really enjoyed him reading. But, I will need to buy the physical book to immerse myself in.

The Art of Resilience is partly about the story of his swim around Britain. In itself it is an amazing story, with grim tales of a dissolving tongue and a physique transforming to better perform in the water. But the book also covers the science of endurance – resilience. I’d never been interested in sport science until reading this, but it has whetted my appetite to learn more about how the body reacts under physical and mental strain.

Break Point By Ollie Ollerton

If you’ve ever watched SAS: Who Dares Wins, you’ll know who Ollie Ollerton is. I wanted to read Battle Ready, but decided I should read his first book – Break Point first. I wasn’t sure quite what to expect, but I read Break Point cover to cover in 24 hours. It’s ghost written, beautifully. If you’re looking for a book just full of military tales this isn’t it. Of course, there are some tales! But, the book covers Ollie Ollerton‘s troubled childhood, as well as many post-military adventures. It’s a reminder that hard work pays off, and that you should always remain positive. Battle Ready – Ollertons next book is already on my reading list.

Fat Girls’ Guide To Marathon Running – By Julie Creffield

I have to say I have no intention of running a marathon. If you read my blog or follow me on Instagram you’ll understand I have a real love hate relationship with running. A relationship which I find quite intriguing. I’m only half way through The Fat Girls’ Guide to Running a Marathon at the moment, but I love the honesty of this book. It’s funny, but makes you want to get out and give it a go. Push yourself a bit more, and see the results. It’s certainly making me feel braver about time challenges. Hey, if I’m so slow, things can only get better right?