Our garden in November

Collaborative post.

How it is November I’m not entirely sure. I feel as though I’ve been hurled through the year so far. Now, it is almost next year!

Winter I both love and loathe. I don’t enjoy the shorter days, but winter walks – especially if there’s a little sunshine – makes me smile!

Since I was a small child, I’ve always been told to look at the berries on the trees to see if we will have a cold winter. This holly bush rarely has any berries, but this year it is heavily laden. So if the old wives tale is true, it will be a cold hard winter. I have often thought I ought to keep a diary to see if there is any truth in the tale? Perhaps this year I will.

Winter wildlife

We had to rescue to young hedgehogs. They were out in daylight sunbathing, and after a call to a rescue centre we decided we needed to take them in. The rescue centres closest to us were full, so we had to drive to one a little distance away. The good news is that the centre are hopeful they will be able to be released into our garden in the spring. I spoke to someone at length about whether we should have just fed them, but these were very small hedgehogs, and even being fed it was unlikely they would survive the cold months.

We’ll be feeding the birds again this winter. We feed our birds a mix of nuts, fatballs and seed. Daily checks on food and water for the birds have already begun!

Our Garden in November

I don’t do many jobs in November in the garden. The main one is dealing with the mass of fallen leaves! I am sure we get more every year! The other thing which I am doing is moving more delicate potted plants into sheltered areas of the garden to protect them from the weather. It’s also the time when I plan fence repairs, of which we have a few to attend to!