Springing into spring.

Here we are, Springing into Spring. The slowness of Winter is fading and the promises of longer warmer days are calling. Longer hours of daylight bring with it the promises of summer. I admit it, I romanticise summer.

Summer Daze

When I was very young, those summers were spent in the garden. Rolling down a hill of freshly mown grass, standing up covered in grass cuttings. Epic water fights, and ice lollies. As I grew older, days were spent sailing, swimming or running along the beach with my dogs and a couple of friends. Ice lollies were switched out for fizzy drinks and BBQ’s at sunset.

Simply Spring

As I grew older, summer changed again, and again as soon as I had my own children. But Spring? I’m not sure Spring has ever changed. Growing up, Spring always involved admiring the bright heads of the daffodils. Treading carefully around the crocuses, and dancing in the apple blossom as it fell from the trees.

I’m not sure any of those things I’ve stopped doing as I’ve grown? Perhaps, I dance a little less under the blossoms, but I still take time to appreciate how magical a scene it creates as it floats down to the ground.

Over the last few years, I’ve begun to challenge myself in Spring, setting myself a goal to achieve by summer. Often something which takes me out of my comfort zone. As all too often, it is easier to stay still. This year is no different. With a head full of ideas, exciting things are coming.