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The Best Places To Fish In Australia

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Australia is a brilliant country for many different types of sports, but it has some of the best fishing in the world. From fishing inland areas in streams and rivers or going out on a boat in the sea, there is an abundance of different types of fish you can chase. If you are a keen angler and look for somewhere new to try your skills, here are some of the top destinations in Australia for fishing.

The Northern Territory

The Northern Territory covers a large area and includes Darwin and Kakadu National Park, where there is also an abundance of fishing to be had. As well as fishing off the coast, there are many rivers that you can explore, such as:

  • Daly River
  • Mary River
  • Adelaide River
  • Alligator River
  • Yellow Water Billabong
  • Corroboree Billabong

Travelling to this part of the country to enjoy your fishing is also an excellent chance to enjoy a holiday, and you can bring the family with you. There are guided fishing tours that you can take, or you can be left to your own devices and explore the fishing until your heart`s content.

Cairns, Queensland

Cairns is a popular spot for fishing in Australia, and it is known as the best fishing spot in the world for the Black Marlin. If Marlin fishing is something that you have not tried before, the season runs from September till late December, and around 70% of all Black Marlin known as “Granders”, fish that exceed 1000 pounds, are caught in of the coast of the Great Barrier Reef, close to Cairns. If this is a new type of fishing for you, drop by your favourite fishing gear store to check out all the equipment that you need. You can also have a look at the variety of fly fishing gear online, among others, all at a competitive price. As well as the Black Marlin fishing, there are many other types of fishing in the Cairns area, which is what makes it so popular with anglers.

Cape York, Queensland

Cape York is another excellent destination for fishing, and it is an inaccessible area that you will need a four-wheel-drive vehicle to get to, so you need to be prepared. Here you can find pristine beaches, as well as immaculate lagoons, rivers, and estuaries, which are packed full of a variety of different types of fish. 

Exmouth, Western Australia

The fantastic diversity of the fish in Exmouth makes it one of the most diverse fishing destinations on the planet. Some of the amazing varieties of different species on offer are:

  • Blue Bone
  • Milk Fish
  • Tuna
  • Mahi Mahi
  • Trevally
  • Queenfish

There is also plenty of game fish to catch as well with Sailfish, Shortbill Spearfish, Broadbill Swordfish, and three different types of Marlin to go after. Whatever kind of fishing you prefer, it can be found in abundance here.

Central Highlands, Tasmania

Image Source: Unsplash

If fly fishing is your thing, then the Central Highlands in Tasmania is the place for you, with some of the best trout fishing in Australia available in this region. There are many lakes and rivers that you can try your luck at catching wild Rainbow or Brown Trout, and some of the best ones you can only reach by foot, ensuring peace and tranquillity.