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What to wear Running…

I am still in the midst of a love hate relationship with running. I don’t love running. But, I hate it when I don’t go. I love the feeling after I stop running, and I am starting to enjoy each run – starting to. Is this the progression from running beginner? One thing which I do love about my runs, especially at the moment, is getting dressed into my run kit. I only wear my running kit for running, so it helps me get into the mind set to run as I get ready!

Running Wear

When I started running, I threw on whatever I could find. But, I quickly discovered that my tracksuit would wiggle down as I ran. It was a constant battle to keep my tracksuit bottoms up! I discovered a pair of leggings which were less keen to fall down and they served me well. But then they too started to slip and slide, and I had to rethink.

I invested in some leggings from Sweaty Betty after a friend recommended them. I wasn’t sure which ones to choose, and so just picked a pair I liked the look of. From the first wear I loved them, and they have become my go to brand. I now buy the zero gravity running leggings. They don’t wiggle down when I’m running at all. I also like the way they are designed with panels in the legs to keep your legs cool, some other brands make my legs feel really warm/hot when I run! Other things I love are the pockets, yes they have pockets! Somewhere to stash my phone and keys safely. I do think I need to invest in so me running shorts, but I am worried about chub rub on my thighs!


I’m big busted, and a good sports bra is invaluable! My first sports bra years ago was a really ugly thing, now thankfully sports bras are in lots of colours, designs and sizes! Finding my ideal style and fit was quite straightforward. I really do notice the difference when I run in a supportive well fitting sports bra, it’s not only more comfortable but I also feel I have more energy. I’m a big fan of Berlei running bras, and also Shock Absorber bras. They seem to have fabrics which are soft, loads of support, and they wash well!

Running Shoes

Running shoes I think are one of those things you either get fitted by an expert, or you may take a while to get the right style and fit. My current running trainers are Asics, I sized up half a size and they fit really well. I love that they are light and cushioned. They are my first pair of Asics, but so far I’m delighted! I am looking to buy some trail runners next, as I want to run cross country. But I’m not really sure where to begin, so I’m hoping to go to get a pair fitted when lock-down is over!

I think the key thing to remember is it is really important to be comfortable and well supported when you’re doing any kind of exercise. You don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune, stick to the basics! A top tip I have is remember to sign up for your favourite brands emails as they often send discounts or early sale notifications.