Gift Ideas For A History Lover Partner

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If your partner is a person who loves history, it would be nice to give them a gift that has a history of its own, and if you are planning a proposal anytime soon, then an antique diamond engagement ring would surely be appropriate. If they are interested in a particular historical era, so much the better, as you can source a diamond ring that was actually made in the very same era as she likes.

Antique Brooch

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A 1920s fan, would be over the moon with an Art Deco diamond brooch, something with defined geometric lines and a mixture of sapphires and small diamonds. A brooch can be worn on any occasion and it adds that touch of elegance and colour to any outfit, and if you buy from an antique dealer, they would likely know the full history of the piece, and that would be amazing.

Charm Bracelet

If your sister is celebrating her 21st birthday, why not splash out on an antique charm bracelet and wish her all the best for a happy life? This would be a gift to cherish forever and if you can find out the history of the bracelet, your sister can imagine how life was at that time, and who the person was that first wore the bracelet. 


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Ideal for Christmas or birthdays, a pair of antique earrings would please any woman, especially one that has an attraction to fine antiques, and as you know her taste in jewellery, you can choose something appropriate. The online antique dealer has a huge catalogue of fine antiques, with earrings from the mid-19th century right up to Art Deco styles and everything in between. You have a much greater selection when dealing with an online antique dealer, as they network pieces with other dealers, and can source something specific.

Antique Jewellery Box

Possibly the perfect gift, a gorgeous velvet lined jewellery box would be used to store her growing jewellery collection, and most antique dealer would have a few examples, plus they can source something specific, should you know exactly what you want. When you purchase any item from the antique dealer, you can be sure that it is genuine and the dealer would probably know the history of the piece.

Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

Thinking of popping the question to your beloved? Kalmar Antiques provides exquisite vintage engagement rings, which means it is a great place to start looking. Established antique dealers are now offering their items online. You can easily take a peek of their large collection of genuine antique diamond engagement rings, for example, covering all the eras, and when you find what you are looking for, you can make an online appointment to view the ring.

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When you surprise your loved one with an item of antique jewellery, they will be very happy, and if you can, find out as much about the piece as possible, as this will allow their imagination to run wild. They may spend time thinking about all that the jewellery item has witnessed during its long and colourful life and it could be used as a family heirloom, to be passed on to the children.