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Marwell Christmas – Magical!

Marwell Christmas can only be described as a truly magical family event. I have often wondered about taking the children to visit Santa at Marwell, but never quite got organised enough. So getting the opportunity to visit this year, we couldn’t wait!

Our Marwell Christmas slot was booked for 3.30pm, we arrived at the zoo for 1pm to give us time to see the animals first. My daughter adores the giraffes, and we spent quite a long time in the giraffe house – they are such incredible creatures to watch.┬áThe penguins helped get us in the festive mood, they’re so funny to watch.

Marwell Penguin Enclosure

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Pairi Daiza – Things to do in Belgium #familytravel

On our recent visit to Belgium over half term, we made time to visit the amazing zoo – Pairi Daiza. It was over an hours drive from where we were staying, but as they have Pandas, we knew we had to visit. Tickets for two adults and two children with parking, came to 115Euros (Infants get in free) which is quite expensive for a zoo, but we hoped it would be worth it! We packed up a picnic and set off excitedly!


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Exploring with the family – School Holiday Fun

The Easter holidays ended on a high, the return to school this morning was greeted with glorious sunshine and happy faces all round still chattering about the fun we had during the break. With the weather having been so kind to us over the last week, we made the most of it and almost every day was spent out and about.

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2014..is going to be all about ice-cream and muddy walks..

It’s been so long since I’ve sat down and written anything, that I’m struggling to know where to begin. Ignoring the 25 hour power cut which ended at 3.30pm on Christmas Eve, the wet weather which has left the garden looking more like a mud bath.. Christmas was good, it was kind to us, we had power and we didn’t flood, so many weren’t in the same position so I count my blessings. The lack of power meant I read the entire book shelf to the boys, and realised that we need to do some book shopping as most of the books Boo started reading to me! We had lots of family time, and even managed a few muddy walks as a family and with our friends too! I had won a Marwell zoo family day pass just before Christmas and we managed to pick a relatively dry day to visit, the boys were delighted and it made a lovely treat. We didn’t manage to see the baby pigmy hippo unfortunately, but the boys were captivated by the snow leopards and we then all sat in the cold enjoying a little sunshine and eating an ice cream!

 We’ve decided 2014 needs to be all about being outside and eating ice-cream, as we’ve had more laughs in the first week of 2014 (complete with muddy walks and random ice-cream stops in the pouring rain!) than we did in much of 2013. My aim is that every Sunday whatever the weather we’ll take ourselves out on a long walk and end it with an ice-cream (whether at home from the freezer or from the nearest shop!). Yes I must be mad, but 2014 is going to be fun, and the only way it will be fun is if I make it so! Our plan for this weekend involves a bike ride for the boys, as Elvis is getting a balance bike for his Birthday on Saturday, I’ll write a post to let you know how we get on!

Ms G x

A Love Affair with..Summer Adventures Part 2

Having visited Disneyland Paris, we continued our adventures by travelling into Belgium. Mr G and I love Belgium, our very first holiday as a family with Boo (aged 3months!) was to Bruges, we loved the atmosphere and architecture, but remember all to well Boo being cold and hating being bumped along in the buggy with plastic wheels..we really were clueless! 

The journey across France and into Belgium started badly, with an accident further ahead on the motorway causing us to be sat in a traffic jam for over an hour..the boys quickly tired of looking at the same old lorry and car out their window and chaos descended! Luckily I’d packed a bag of ‘surprises’ in the foot well, it’s amazing how much fun can be had from a toy from a cracker or stickers salvaged from a discarded comic when you’re stuck in traffic! Soon we were on the move and Boo started to be captivated by the scenery, demanding I photographed things from the car:

What do you think? Not bad for a photo taken at 70mph!

Not long after having seen this windmill we had a minor crisis as the windscreen wiper flew off and had to be recovered and reattached by the side of a fairly busy road! As we headed into Ghent, we discovered that it is very easy to stray into the pedestrian part of the town, Mr G did well to stay calm as I squealed at the tram following us down the road! I confess I am the worlds worst passenger and squealing ‘Oh No!’ with my eyes shut while hanging onto the door of the car was perhaps the least helpful thing I could have done.

Finally locating our hotel after having abandoned the car (and then discovering we just needed to drive a little further up the hill!) we were delighted that the Novotel was situated so close to the Bell tower. We were greeted by a friendly receptionist who explained how to get into the underground car parking and gave both boys a small welcome gift. Our room was superb, the boys had their own room within our room and there was a huge seating area! It was more like an apartment than a hotel room!

Heading out to explore, I was delighted that Boo was as excited about the buildings as I was and he insisted we stopped to take multiple photographs! Our favourite building was undoubtedly the Castle and we happily paid the 8 Euro per adult entrance fee to explore it further!

Boo was very excited, until confronted with the main entrance – a very steep stone staircase which twisted its way upwards, at this point he started to scream ‘I don’t like it!’ and after several minutes negotiating and his face starting to turn white with fear we decided to head down. Luckily for us the castle attendants were very sympathetic and opened a separate staircase which was just as steep but without the fear of twists and turns! Boo was reluctant at first and I could sympathise as the stairs did appear to go a long way up to me! With some encouragement he made it all the way to the castle roof and terrified me by squealing ‘Oh look how high we are Mummy!’ while trying to peer through a gap in the wall! 

Having examined the gigantic swords and suits of armour we headed for a relaxing ice-cream which E thoroughly enjoyed.

Ghent was enjoyed by all of us, and I wish we’d had a day or two longer to explore! I’d have liked a little time to potter around and visit more of the art galleries and spend some time in the cathedral so on my return I shall ensure I encourage the boys to take a boat trip while I have some quiet time!

Crufts 2012 A great family day out!

We spent the day at Crufts at the NEC today! We weren’t quite sure what to expect, and were all excited by the time we arrived! There was a fair walk from the car park to the exhibition centre and so I was glad that I’d remembered to wear comfy shoes!

As soon as we got inside the centre, we started to see lots of dogs! Boo was amazed at how many different dogs there were, and in truth even I was amazed at some of the breeds! I had no idea there was a Greenland Dog! Walking down the breed associations stands and seeing all the dogs was really quite impressive!

I really enjoyed watching the young handlers, Boo loved seeing ‘boys and girls’ with their dogs! We ended up spending more time watching the young handlers than anything else at the show! 

The good citizen ring was very informative, and we managed to catch the demonstration of how you should greet a dog and what to do if the dog is giving you unwanted attention. This was demonstrated with children, and was something until today I have to confess I’d never thought to teach Boo. The Kennel Club have advice on children and dogs on their website.

The trade stands had all sorts of dog equipment as well as gifts for every age of dog fan! I’ve come away with a list of ideas for Mothers Day and Birthday gifts!

Boo really enjoyed himself and has excitedly shown Grandad his show guide and described the huge Great Dane he saw in amazing detail! E was a little young to really enjoy it, and found it rather hot – but he was quickly revived with a huge ice-cream! If you’re taking your little one, there are official buggy parks adjacent to the arena so you can sit in the stands to watch events like the fly ball – which is terrific fun to watch! 

Crufts was definetly a great fun family day out, and continues over the weekend!

Wonderful Windermere..

We Goriami’s like an adventure, whenever we get a day with all of us together we like to get out, whether it be clambering through the woodland or paddling at the seaside, we’re always out and about somewhere! Last week, we managed a short break away, this is the first of I hope many in 2012!
The last time I visited Windermere with Mr G, I was 11weeks pregnant with Boo. I remember feeling absolutely exhausted all the time, and feeling constantly hungry but terribly nauseous! We walked down from the near the station to the Lake at Bowness, and jumped on a boat to have a romantic lunch at Ambleside..it ended up being a drink and something strange from the menu..hey I was pregnant! Of course, when we got back to Bowness, we had to walk that long walk back to Windermere..and it is up hill all the way. I wasn’t terribly fit anyway, but I can remember just wanting to lay down on the pavement and cry!

All Rights Reserved Goriami Family 2012

Returning to Windermere this time with our two boys in tow, Mr G and I decided that we’d not inflict the walk on them, and instead we laughed at how and why we had decided to walk it while I was pregnant! We took them on the same boat journey we’d taken, but instead of attempting a romantic meal, we settled for hot chocolate and shortbread. We’d arrived in sunshine marred only by the exceptionally strong winds, however the weather turned and rapidly we were sheltering from heavy hail! Boo was delighted by the hail, I’m not sure he’d ever seen it before? He found the dark clouds hovering mysteriously above us exciting and as the tiny white balls of hail pelted against the pavement he squealed with delight! I had to stop myself from giggling as some young Japanese tourists crouched down on the pavement to take photos and tentatively touched the little icy balls! 

Dramatic View from the shelter!

To be honest, Elvis was too little to care much about anything, and with the exception of getting excited when he ate his toast, he slept for most of our visit, wrapped up cosy in his snow suit I can’t say I blamed him! The wind was icy cold, and I was glad that I had ignored Boo’s demands to leave his hat in the car, as he was delighted to pull it down over his ears when we got off the boat! I almost feel you need to see Windermere in winter to really appreciate how immense and wonderful it really is without the lush green background of spring or summer.

Boo & Mr G, checking out the shoreline!