Pregnancy & Parenting

Choosing a baby name..

I am beginning to understand why we have previously found out whether baby was a boy or a girl. The problem with not knowing, is trying to think of two sets of names. Or, perhaps more sensibly a name which would work for either a boy or a girl.


Names we do not like!

I think it’s almost easier to decide on names you really do not like. I remember having my heart very firmly set on a name last pregnancy, and then my husband said it was the name of an ex girlfriend.. That ruined that! Mr G always plays the ‘what does it rhyme with game..’ immensely unhelpful.


Gender Neutral Names

I have thought maybe we should choose a gender neutral name? Like River or Charlie. But I don’t want to feel disappointed that we didn’t choose a “better name”. I love slightly exotic names, but can we agree? Of course not. Though I’m hoping over the next months we will get there! Or otherwise baby will be named baby. And I’m not entirely sure how that will be received once they reach 13?!

The name game..

So, being sensible, we have finally agreed on middle names.. well it’s a start. But we still have to choose first names. I think we have almost agreed on a boys name. But girls names? No. We are still utterly at a loss. Why are girls names so hard to choose?! Oh, and the added problem of making sure the first name goes with the middle names we have already agreed on…! Yikes. Did you have names in mind before baby arrived? Or did you decide once baby arrived?