Crufts 2012 A great family day out!

We spent the day at Crufts at the NEC today! We weren’t quite sure what to expect, and were all excited by the time we arrived! There was a fair walk from the car park to the exhibition centre and so I was glad that I’d remembered to wear comfy shoes!

As soon as we got inside the centre, we started to see lots of dogs! Boo was amazed at how many different dogs there were, and in truth even I was amazed at some of the breeds! I had no idea there was a Greenland Dog! Walking down the breed associations stands and seeing all the dogs was really quite impressive!


I really enjoyed watching the young handlers, Boo loved seeing ‘boys and girls’ with their dogs! We ended up spending more time watching the young handlers than anything else at the show! 

The good citizen ring was very informative, and we managed to catch the demonstration of how you should greet a dog and what to do if the dog is giving you unwanted attention. This was demonstrated with children, and was something until today I have to confess I’d never thought to teach Boo. The Kennel Club have advice on children and dogs on their website.


The trade stands had all sorts of dog equipment as well as gifts for every age of dog fan! I’ve come away with a list of ideas for Mothers Day and Birthday gifts!

Boo really enjoyed himself and has excitedly shown Grandad his show guide and described the huge Great Dane he saw in amazing detail! E was a little young to really enjoy it, and found it rather hot – but he was quickly revived with a huge ice-cream! If you’re taking your little one, there are official buggy parks adjacent to the arena so you can sit in the stands to watch events like the fly ball – which is terrific fun to watch! 

Crufts was definetly a great fun family day out, and continues over the weekend!

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  • FirstTimeMum

    Sounds so much fun and I love reading how excited Boo was about it all – can’t wait until No.1 Son is old enough for stuff like this!