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Running Beginner – Where to Begin?

It’s Global Running Day! So I thought I should really use it as an excuse to write about… running. I am a running beginner. There is no doubt, I am no where near a “runner” although I am starting to feel like one. So, if you’re not a seasoned runner read on, if you are, this may be a bit of a trivial post.

The Running Beginner

You’ve decided to run, but where do you start? I found there is a lot of inspiration online to get you started. I’d say when starting out, work out whether you want to run with a friend – and if so make sure they are as committed as you. I have always been certain I want to run alone – I needed to be able to keep myself accountable. I think the Couch To 5 K apps are a great way to start running. But I will say don’t get too hung up on the 5K, instead focus on what you are doing every time you run. It’s hard when you start out if you’ve not exercised regularly for a long time. SO, be kind to yourself and remind yourself that you are doing SO much more than everyone else still sat on the couch.

Person Running Alone in a Red Top
PeroPhoto by Arek Adeoye on Unsplash

Running at your own Pace

The biggest thing I’ve discovered since starting to run regularly is that I have to run at my own pace. I’ve had to work out what my pace is, and it is quite slow but steady. I am also learning that some runs feel awful – the rhythm doesn’t come and the run is… awkward!

Music to Run To

Work out what music keeps you running even when you’re tired. I thought it was pop or dance music, but actually I’ve worked out that I run better to calmer beats. I’m currently using a 3 month free Premium trial with Spotify – which works with my Fitbit – it’s something I will probably continue when the free trial finishes as I love having lots of music easily accessible. Mr G wears Sudio ear buds when running, but I prefer to wear big over the head headphones – although I confess they do get quite hot!

Running Beginner What to Wear

I wrote an indulgent post on what to wear running. I have to say, I really think investing in running shoes which are a perfect fit for you is essential. If you’re feet are uncomfortable it leads to all sorts of problems.

It’s been so hot over the last week I have bought some new running shorts from Sweaty Betty, they’ve not arrived yet but I have high hopes! I’m conscious of chub-rub on my thighs, so have chosen a pair with a fitted inner short which is slightly longer than the outer loose short. Fingers crossed!