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Sudio Ear Buds – Review

Shakespeare famously wrote;

If Music Be The Food of Love, Play on!

Music is a vital part of my day to day. I am a musician, and I always will be. Sudio sent me some ear buds to review, so I took the opportunity to have an indulgent time creating some new play lists – to really try them out!

I’ve an eclectic taste in music. I am happy listening to everything from Shostakovich, Imagine Dragons, Rizzle Kicks to Papa Roach… I struggled to narrow that list down! So, my head phones sound quality is vital!

The Sudio Earbuds come neatly packaged, and with different ear pieces to ensure a good fit with the earbuds.

Charging Sudio Ear buds…

The ear buds charge in the handy storage case. I really like that it’s easy to see how much charge is in the case – the blue lights indicate the level of charge in the case. It’s great that they are easy to charge on the go – especially when travelling.

Sound quality

So, down to the nitty gritty! What is the sound quality like? Well, I was actually very impressed with how good the sound quality is. They coped well with my variety of music. Unphased by bass or the subtleties of orchestral music. The only complaint I could make is that they appear to not have the best Bluetooth range, but that may be my handset rather than the earbuds.

Would I recommend them? Yes 100% whether you want them for the gym or to listen to a violin concerto for critical analysis I think they’re great!

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