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Keeping Healthy During Summer

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Keeping Healthy During Summer

Beautiful weather and plenty of outdoor activities make summer a great time to focus on your physical and mental well-being. Whether you’ve been working hard to look your best in a new swimsuit or are saving indulgences for treats at the county fair, health looks different for everyone. Whatever your preferences, here are ways to maintain and improve your health this summer.

Tips for the Hotter Season

It’s not easy to stay motivated year-round. Even if you’ve been putting in hours at the gym this year, summer is an opportunity to spend less time indoors and soak up that all-important vitamin-D. By consistently exercising, you’re less likely to strain muscles during more intense activity. Seasonal fruits and vegetables with a high-water content can replace ice cream and popsicles to make you feel less lethargic. Watermelon, cucumber, strawberries, tomatoes and pineapple are among the most hydrating fruits and vegetables. Additionally, even though you might not be feeling the stress of the holiday season, it’s still important to get enough rest. Too many late nights can cause exhaustion and affect your ability to perform during the day. Avoid taking on too much and meditate whenever possible.

Fun Workouts

You don’t need a gym to break a sweat, just lace your shoes and head outside. You can still stay adamant about your gym routine, but try incorporating these workouts that make the most of summer: • Hot yoga: On the days when the sun is especially strong, take advantage of the heat. Hot yoga is typically performed in a room with a temperature of about 105 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity. It consists of intense, sustained postures designed to keep your heart rate high and burn more calories. Save this exercise for the hottest days and make sure to stay hydrated!
• Water aerobics: A swimming pool is the perfect cure to a hot-day slump. While some days are truly meant for lounging and sipping on something cold and sweet, get moving with some underwater exercise. Swimming is one of the greatest workouts because it utilizes all muscle groups at the same time.
• Take a hike: Bored with running on the same mundane route? Expand your horizons with a hike through a different trail. A trail with hills or uneven terrain is great because it burns more calories than an even landscape and improves your stability.
• Put the ball in your court: If you’re feeling more competitive, find an open park, court or field, grab a ball and play a game of tennis, basketball or football with friends. If you’re in short supply of somewhere to play, you can always create a makeshift space for a game of baseball, kickball or soccer.
• Bike riding: Sometimes, bikes are neglected in the garage — gathering dust in the winter months. When the weather warms up, head for a smooth ride through the neighborhood or on another trail. Bike riding is a great lower-body and cardio workout. It also helps you cover more ground in a shorter period.

Remember that maintaining a fitness routine, even at a slower pace, is a better option than starting from scratch next fall. Obstacles are bound to come up in your journey, but a supportive community can go a long way. Staying healthy in the summertime can surely be accomplished with a bit of encouragement and a steady supply of sunscreen!

Author bio: Whitney Finch is a personal trainer at Elite Training Tulsa, a locally owned and operated company that provides personal training services through a team of highly specialized fitness professionals. Finch has 13 years of experience in the industry and focuses on helping clients achieve their fitness goals.