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5 Running Motivation Tips

Running motivation can be hard to maintain – especially as a new runner. I know from personal experience that sometimes it can be a real struggle to keep at it – especially if you’ve had a “bad” run. Of course, if you are starting a programme like Couch to 5k, seeing yourself progress through the weeks may be motivation enough, but what about longer term motivation?

Find a buddy and your Running Motivation

Running with a friend is one of our favourite ways to maintain running motivation. On days when you really don’t want to lace up your running shoes, a running buddy can be the best way to get yourself out on a run! A running buddy gives you accountability, and someone to chat to too! Don’t know anyone to run with? Why not join a local running club – they are a great way to meet new people, and the training sessions can be invaluable! Even a virtual running buddy who you can share your runs with can be seriously helpful to keep you motivated – there are so many online running communities to choose from!

Challenge yourself to help your running motivation

There’s a great saying “No challenge, no change” and personally I think challenge is a great way to motivate yourself! So whether you are enrolling for your first 5k, or a much greater distance, a challenge may be just what is needed. Training for an event can help give you a purpose to run, and a goal to work towards! If you don’t fancy signing up for a race, why not challenge yourself to a PB along one of your running routes?

Pick your playlist!

If you run listening to music, pick your running playlist carefully! Scientitic research undertaken at Brunel University has shown that the right playlist, can have positive effects on an athletes performance. Whether you are looking to be distracted from your run effort, make it more enjoyable, or help you increase your speed – take time to choose a good playlist!

Reward yourself!

Setting goals and achieving them – deserves to be rewarded! Yes, the carrot on a stick method. Whether you plan to catch up on your favourite tv series, treat yourself to a new pair of running trainers, or even a new running bracelet – planning your reward can be great running motivation tool.

Learn to love your bad runs

When I started running, I had more bad runs than good. I remember thinking of all the times people had told me I couldn’t run. And, I remember thinking that maybe they were right? Maybe running wasn’t for me? Then a wise runner told me to embrace the bad runs, as I was learning from them. So, I started to look at why a run was bad? Was I running too far? To fast? Badly fuelled? For me it was often too fast and poorly hydrated.. and I started to embrace the bad runs as they led to better ones!