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Protecting your children against hearing loss.

Collaborative Post

As a hearing person I take for granted many things about having my hearing. From sitting listening to the birds singing, to first words, laughter and whispers. Things that without my hearing I wouldn’t be able to enjoy. With the current covid-19 situation, I take for granted wearing a mask, and communicating with another masked person. I don’t need to read their lips to understand what they are saying, but if I couldn’t hear? Then a face mask would further make me feel isolated.

Growing up with a deaf sibling, I was always taught how precious my hearing is. That didn’t stop me playing loud music, or going to places where music was played so loudly it numbed my senses. But, it did make me more aware of being careful not to play music too loudly through my headphones. It has also meant that now I am a parent, I am careful to protect my children’s hearing as best I can. I was asked to share this info-graphic about How to Prevent Hearing Loss in Children. I think there are some useful facts and tips on looking out for signs of hearing loss too. You should always seek professional advice if you have any concerns regarding the health of your children.

Guide created by e3 Diagnostics