I am not a runner..

I am not a runner. The last time I went running was in about 2013? Unless you’re counting the chasing a small child around the park type of running..in which case I am an expert.

I do a lot of walking. I enjoy walking, but it’s not quite the challenge it once was. There’s no point in me joining a gym, as I just wouldn’t go!  So, I’ve decided to give running another go. The plan is to start Couch to 5k, so I can go from useless to runner in a relatively painless way.

I read about The last 90 days challenge, basically you end the year already doing the stuff you might set as your New Year Resolutions.  Based on the concept it takes 21 day to form a habit, 90days could change your life.. So where could I be in 90 days running? I could be running 5k! Weirdly when you say it in days it sounds not too far away, and quite achievable!

Where will I begin?

I am downloading the Couch to 5K challenge, and the plan is to follow that! I need to buy a decent pair of running trainers! Then I will get out on the road. I do have a treadmill, so I could start running indoors. However, I’ve been reading that it is so different running on the road to the treadmill, that I would rather be red faced on the pavement from day 1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not keen on being seen as a big sweaty mess in public, but really who is actually looking? No one.

Anyone else wanting to set themselves a challenge? Or join me starting your own couch to 5k?