The 5K challenge is creeping nearer..

I decided it is about time I updated you on my fitness efforts, especially with my 5k now only a month away! I have to confess that my training isn’t going quite as it should be, I have had to step things down after stirring up an old injury, it’s frustrating but there’s I’ve had to accept that rest is required – and I can still do some non-weight bearing strengthening exercises, so all is not lost! I look back to where I was a year ago, and I can’t see that much has changed physically, I’ve dropped bra cup sizes but not dress sizes! But then this was never really about weight loss, it was about being physically fit and strong. Fitness wise, so much has changed! A year ago, just the thought of running made me break into a sweat and I was terrified when I first tried to run! Aerobically I’m in a much better place, and it’s noticeable that I run around with my sons without having to have a “rest”. Now I just need to be a bit more strict with my diet, and really opt for the healthy options rather than raid the biscuit tin at the first opportunity…(usually just after the school run!). 

Anyway, as some of you know I have been trying out some Bras for Berlei, and sharing my thoughts on things over on the Berlei blog. I fell in love with the Berlei running bra, not only is it really supportive but it’s ultra comfortable to – in fact I am wearing it now (and I am not running while I type I can assure you!). Berlei have launched a special edition of the bra  in candy pink, and for each bra sold £5 will be donated to the Karen Green Foundation.


Whether you are running or cycling for charity, or just working out in the gym why not consider treating yourself to some comfort and help out a fantastic charity at the same time? 

Are you raising money for charity this year? Let me know as I love to hear about your challenges x