Jobs to do around your house before Winter.

I’ve already talked a lot about how we are working on our garden this Autumn. But as the days are getting shorter, It’s also time to work on those household jobs! Some of them I do without thinking, for exampling cleaning the windows – it’s just part of my weekly routine. Others take a little more thought, but they really make a difference once winter sets in.

Start with the basics..

My list starts with clearing the gutters of dead leaves, I loathe the job, but it’s quick! It’s also a good way to see if any needs replacing, or securing! Then I move on to checking the windows, do any wooden window sills need painting? Or perhaps replacing? – If so I’ve left it a little late, but at least I know where to watch, and I usually do this list again in Spring! I clean the doors of our home, including the garage door. Making sure I sweep the area outside, and clear any weeds.

Keep the fire in..

We have a wood burner, and now is the time I like to check my log supply. Checking the wood pile is well stocked, and dry! It’s also time to book the chimney sweep for the annual sweep! He gets booked up, and I want to make sure the chimney gets done well before Christmas.

Boilers and things..

We get out boiler serviced regularly, so in theory it is all working well. I have run the heat for an hour or two though, just to check it is working properly!

I have reminded myself where the stop tap is for the water supply, just incase I need to turn it off! – Thinking frozen pipes here!

Storm Prep.

Check the batteries in torches, keep some tinned food in, and a list of important phone numbers, just in case of winter power cuts!

Have I missed anything? What would you add to my list?


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