Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge – The “New Daddy” Chicken Burger!

With four children in the house, things can get pretty hectic at home! Sometimes, especially at half term, it is difficult to balance meal times. I want to give the children something quick, simple and balanced. The children want a takeaway!

Rustlers Southern Fried Burgers are quality chicken burgers marinated with Southern Fried breadcrumb. They are microwaveable making them the ultimate burger for those days when you really are in a hurry! Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken burgers come in a Twin Pack at Tesco and have an RRP of £2.50! So that’s £1.25 each burger!

Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge..


We took up the Rustlers Burger Hacking challenge as we have been longing for a posh burger, but we’ve been stuck at the hospital with a poorly me and then a poorly newborn baby.  So, there have been no family visits to anywhere. So we were excited to take part, and here’s how we got along..

First things first we had to decide what we wanted in our burgers. 9 year old B, carefully cut up tomatoes, Chinese leaf, beetroot and avocado.


The New Daddy Burger..

The boys decided that we’d make  “The New Daddy Chicken Burger” – perfect for the New Daddy – or Mummy! To make it, you’ll need to fry an egg while the burger is cooking. Put the mayonnaise at on the bottom bun, then place the chicken burger, a slice of beef tomato, sliced beetroot, the fried egg and then sliced avocado. Use a bamboo skewer to hold it altogether.

We opted for sweet potato fries to serve with our burger, the ones we used were Tesco own from the freezer – they cook in 16 minutes. Usually we do make our own sweet potato fries, but we were on a mission to save time, and these were tasty and costed £2 for a 500g bag! We served the fries on one of the giant Chinese Leafs.



Mr G was really impressed with the “New Daddy” burger the boys had created! It had all his favourite flavours, and looked rather impressive too! The boys had their own version minus the fried egg, and with the avocado mashed and mixed with the mayo. It was a great way to encourage them to eat some extra vegetables in a fun way!

Will we be buying Rustlers again? We will, they’re the perfect solution to those days when we’re in a hurry but want a tasty treat of a meal. They take no time to prepare, and we really enjoyed choosing different toppings to make them unique.

I should add we did struggle to find the Twin pack in our local Tesco stores, they’re clearly quite popular!


This post is my entry to the Britmums Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge, sponsored by Rustlers.