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25 months old.. #toddler

Yo is 2, or more accurately 25 months. We’ve done so many things since she turned two, life has been hectic! I also had forgotten how quickly toddlers learn, and Yo is learning really quickly at the moment. So, I thought I should write a 25 month update..

Yo is learning really quickly, for example, yesterday she was struggling to put her shoes on, but today she put them on the right feet and did the Velcro up by herself too. I know it’s only a small thing, but it’s wonderful to see her concentrate and learn to do little things.

She’s a very girly girl, and contrary to belief (as I already have the two boys..) this is not something I have encouraged, it is just what she likes. Yo loves wearing dresses, and playing with dolls and ponies, equally she is just as happy jumping around in mud or driving toy cars around. I struggle with people almost suggesting I shouldn’t let her like stereotypical girl things, surely choice is the important thing? But that’s an argument for another post.




Playschool, Yo has started playschool for a few hours each week, this is something I didn’t do with either of the boys, but she adores it. I’m not going to lie, the first 3 weeks drop off was difficult, I was confronted with a child who screamed as I tried to leave. It was heart breaking. However after the first day, each time I collected her she was so happy and chatted about all the things she had done, so I knew she enjoyed it. Now drop off is happy, and she asks each day whether it’s a playschool day!

Keeping busy, we have to keep busy as otherwise Yo gets into mischief as all good two-year olds do! We try to plan a “big day out” once a week for the two of us, and that might just be a picnic in the park, but it’s our special day and it’s wonderful! At home Yo loves baking, and is always asking if we can make some “mud cake” which are little fairy cakes we top with a little chocolate icing.

Food, she’s quite a good eater, current favourites to eat are oranges and cheese.. She has decided she doesn’t like sandwiches or toast unless the toast is covered with baked beans..and she won’t touch custard! I wonder how her taste buds will change over the next month?