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Why Should Children Learn to Swim?

Collaborative Post

Why should children learn to swim? I think swimming is a really important activity for children. Swimming lessons, or even family swims, getting in the water is important. My mother taught me to swim, she always loved swimming, and couldn’t wait to get me swimming. I can still remember how pleased I was when I first managed to swim across the pool, and then my first length! We swam a lot together when I was a teen, but by then it was sea swimming. Something I still love to do today. I think it is so important that children learn about water safety, and learning to swim is something which I think is a really important part of growing up. Personally, I really enjoy swimming, and so it is important that my children do too!

But are there other benefits to swimming? I was sent a really interesting infographic which details the physical and emotional benefits of swimming. Apparently 7 out of 10 people find swimming releases tension from their body!

Provided by Big Blue Swim School

So, swimming provides so many more benefits than just exercise! Going swimming is something which we do as often as we can. It’s been worth investing in teaching the children to swim so we can enjoy the days in the pool, or sea. It’s relatively stress-free!

This summer we’re looking forwards to exploring the outdoor pools and Lidos again! There’s something extra special about swimming outdoors I think! Wild swimming is something I hope to be able to encourage my children to take part in as they get older, but we have a few years to wait before they can join in with that!