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Twinkling Lullaby Iggle Piggle – REVIEW

If you’re a parent of a pre-school child, I have no doubt you know exactly who Iggle Piggle is! But, just in case.. Iggle Piggle is the loveable blue character from CBeebies In the Night Garden.


The clocks change, has meant my 3 year old daughter is struggling to get used to darker evenings. Bedtime is a little bit more challenging. I am finding it takes her a little longer to settle, and she has started to ask for the light to be left on.

Twinkling Lullaby Iggle Piggle

Twinkling Lullaby Iggle Piggle has been an instant hit with my daughter. She’s not the biggest INTNG fan, though does love watching the programme before bedtime. But, she has really fallen for Iggle Piggle! He now is essential at bedtime! His blanket and a star are attached to his hands – great as they won’t get lost! By pressing his hand his star lights up, and the lullabies start. The lullabies play one after the next and are really soothing songs recognisable from the show. The star light changes colour very subtly, it has a gentle glow which is soothing. Perfect to settle a tired toddler or pre-schooler! This toy is aimed at children 10months +.  He’s quite big so he is popular with older toddlers and pre-school children too.

Our thoughts..

He’s quite a big toy, so perfect for cuddles. My daughter loves being able to switch on the lights and sounds easily. I love that the music is quiet, and the light keeps her happy until she falls asleep. It could be used by a toddler who was sharing a room with a slightly older sibling without it disturbing them.

Iggle Piggle isn’t just for bedtime, he has been carried around a lot since he arrived – especially when my daughter has started to feel tired.

Iggle Piggle is really soft, his hands have a satin feel to them and his feet are almost velvet. In my experience, different textures are great for keeping a younger child busy while a parent tries to grab an extra 5 minutes sleep!

He has an RRP of £29.99 and is ready to play with. Once the batteries run flat they can be replaced with 3 AAA batteries.