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Family swim – Just keep swimming!

Summer for our family has to include a trip to the beach! There’s something about a paddle or swim in the sea which makes me feel like I’ve had a great summer! I seem to have passed the love of the seaside onto my children. They all love spending the day on a beach, especially if we get a swim too!

This summer there has been lots of swimming. It’s the first year when we have swam almost daily during the ummer. We have utilised a local pool and indulged in swimming in the sea too. It has been wonderful, and I will miss watching the children grow in confidence with every swim. It’s made me realise that we need to swim more all year round.

I don’t just mean swimming lessons, although to be honest I am tempted to improve my technique with a couple of lessons too! (I’m feeling inspired by the Channel 4 programme Sink or Swim) I really mean more hours as a family in the pool, and I wonder whether buying a swimming season ticket would encourage us to go more frequently throughout the year? It’s such a fun way to keep fit and a great life skill too. I just hope we just keep swimming all winter!