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Awesome Bloss’ems Review

Collectable dolls are hugely popular with my daughter and her friends. She was delighted to receive two Awesome Bloss’ems to review from Spin Master Toys. Awesome Bloss’ems are a toy which allow you to ‘grow’ a doll from a ‘seed’.

The outer packaging resembles a plant pot. Opening it up there’s a packet of brightly coloured ‘soil’ and the ‘seed’.

The seed needs to have a plastic tab removed, and then it is as easy as add the play soil and use the mini leaf to add water. Do protect your surfaces as it can get messy! Once enough water has been added, the doll will pop up – literally!

The dolls are surprisingly small considering the size of the pot they are grown in. But they are detailed, and scented! We got one doll which we decided smelt like cupcakes!

We also grew a rare doll!

My daughter likes the fact she could create a little play set using the plastic packaging. The leaf doubles up as a hammock for the doll to sleep in. We like that the dolls are not named, as this meant they could have a unique name given to them.

I do find the amount of plastic which is single use e.g. the plastic based play soil which will go straight in the bin, really quite frustrating.

They are fun to ‘grow’ and the fact they are small is quite good as they take up limited space! Of course, the most exciting thing is not knowing which doll you will grow! There are 26 dolls to collect, including some rare dolls, and even a super rare one with a real diamond tiara! I think if we found that doll I may be tempted to keep her for myself!

There’s an augmented reality app which goes with the dolls, and is free to download. It’s fun to play with, and an easy way to keep track of the dolls you have grown so far. I think we all enjoyed playing with the app!