Sylvanian Families – A New Way to Play

Sylvanian Families have been popular in our house for a long time. There’s something about the animals living little human like lives of their own which helps them encourage little imaginations to come alive. One of the most magical things about Sylvanian Families to me, is their ability to bring the outdoors inside, and that you can play with the families just as happily while out and about on a day out.


Sylvanian families outside


Some children take to the idea of playing with their toys in different ways better than others, but there are ways you can help. For example, if you’re off on a woodland walk why not load the Sylvanians into their car ready for when you tell your little one you’re off on a walk – “Look! The Sylvanians are ready to go!”

Sylvanian Car and Caravan

So the Sylvanian’s are ready for an adventure, and you can encourage picking one or two of them up into a coat pocket ready to take on your walk. We have spent a lot of time playing with the Sylvanian’s on woodland walks, they seem to fit well with woodland play as the children get down into the leaves letting the Sylvanian’s explore.

We have even had fun taking the Sylvanian’s “camping”, pack a flask of hot chocolate to share perhaps a blanket too, and find a nice patch of woodland to create a “camp”. It’s a lovely activity for a dry cold afternoon, let them ‘pitch’ the Sylvanian’s tent, and build a pretend camp fire using twigs. We take the plastic tent poles out of the Sylvanian tent, so it folds easily into our pocket, then use sticks to pitch it while we are out and about. I refer to these activities in the woodland, but it could just as easily work in a park under a large tree – for atmostphere!

Sylvanian Families Camping

This Christmas if you’re lookingfor a toy which will be just as much fun to play with at home as it is out and about, I’d recommend Sylvanian Families. If you are looking to buy something for a little Sylvanian fan, or perhaps it is a first item for someone you think may like Sylvanian families, there’s a lovely Cosy Cottage Starter House, which is reasonably priced (RRP £19.99) and is a good starting point for a collector. It comes complete with a set of furniture and a small accessory set as well a everyone’s favourite Freya Rabbit!

5242 Sylvanian Cosy Cottage Starter Home C



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  • Catherine Green

    Aww, I used to love Sylvanian Families, and now my daughters are discovering them as well! In fact, I think that cottage is on my elder daughter’s Christmas list, although I don’t know where we can fit it in our house when we already have a selection of dolls’ houses, camper vans, and a vintage Sylvanian Families narrowboat that I found in a local charity shop 🙂