Delight in Angel Delight – Bubblegum Flavour!

Growing up,  I remember Angel Delight was reserved for special days when I was in charge of desert, I used to adore the butterscotch flavoured mix  so it was usually that flavour I would choose to make! I would be  handed the sachet a bowl, jug of milk and usually a fork instead of a whisk. I would stand and diligently whisk the mix with my fork until the mixture was smooth, and then carefully spoon it into small ice-cream dishes before licking the spoon clean! It gave my parents a quiet 10 minutes while I concentrated on creating the perfect desert! I remember once attempting to layer chocolate angel delight with butterscotch angel delight, I was only about 8 at the time, and while my efforts were not beautiful they certainly tasted divine.

Angel Delight has been around since 1967, and does have a distinctly retro feel to it not least as it brings with it such great childhood memories. The new Bubblegum flavour feels ultimately ’80’s (or maybe that’s just me?), it’s too cool for school and brought a huge grin to our faces as we tucked in (while I secretly wondered if I was too old for a ra-ra skirt and day glo leg warmers).


Delightful Angel Delight!
Delightful Angel Delight!

You can also make a milkshake with angel delight mix (the instructions are on the pack). But I’m afraid I’m too stuck in my ways and I just want to eat it as a super smooth desert! Flavour wise the bubble gum flavour is tasty, but for me my favourite will always be butterscotch! What about you? Do you have a favourite flavour? Or a special way to serve Angel Delight? Let me know!


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  • Kate Holmes

    I enjoyed reading about your memories and how you are creating new ones. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.