Travel guide for an active holiday in Italy

Written in collaboration with Emily Jones

Italy is a unique country home to some of the most beautiful landscapes. While you can spend a simple holiday here focused on relaxing at the seaside or eat and drink your way through the country, it is a great place to enjoy an active holiday. The country is full of scenic views and places to hike, and you’re rewarded with unforgettable experiences when you get out and really explore Italy.

When planning an active holiday in Italy, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Where you stay can make all the difference while on holiday. So book your accommodation ahead of time so that you know you have a nice place to rest at the end of your busy exploration days. If you are in Sicily for example private villas are very affordable and there are websites like Wishsicily for example that specialize in showcasing the rental villas available in Sicily. This kind of accommodation is very common all around Italy and also highly recommended because and you can have your own schedule and independence in general.

Planning ahead

Before you depart for your holiday, check out where you would like to visit by scouring the Internet, checking out helpful websites and asking recommendations from people you trust. This way, you can check out any details about where you would like to, such as whether or not you need to pay or whether or not a specific hike or route is in fact open. It is fun to decide things spur of the moment, too but you don’t want to spend precious time on holiday looking for places to go and things to do.

Destinations for an Italian active holiday


The Dolomites, located in the north of Italy, is a destination of astounding beauty. The mountain range is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and provides the perfect backdrop for an active holiday. For a gorgeous hike that is moderately easy, The Tre Cime di Lavaredo is a wonderful day hike. A famous hike in the Dolomites is Alta Via, a 150km high-level trail.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a well-known and well-loved destination, where you can go swimming in the gorgeous blue Ligurian Sea and hike the Sentiero Azzurro, which leads you through all five colorful villages.


Sicily is a wonderful destination, especially for water-based activities. Here you can dive among sea grottoes along the volcanic Aeolian Islands, go snorkeling at Isola Bella Marine Park, go sea kayaking, go body-rafting in the Alcantara Gorges, etc. For something on land, be sure to trek your way up Mount Etna for stunning views.


Does cycling through rolling hills with vineyards, olive trees and cypress-lined driveways in the distance sound like your style of an active holiday? Bike tours that lead you through Tuscany are rather popular in this region. There are even some that stop off at wineries! If you prefer being in the water (or want to do both), a great diving spot is the Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Toscano.


At Lake, Como, you can make your way around the beautiful surrounding towns. There is Bellagio, Tremezzo and Varenna, all worth visiting and taking the time to explore.

Amafli Coast

On the Amalfi Coast, you can of course do water-based activities. There is also the Sentiero degli Dei, Path of the Gods, in Campania where you get gorgeous views of the backdrop mountains, sea and Capri Island.


Though not what you may imagine for a traditional active holiday, if you really ‘do’ Rome, you will be walking miles and miles and climbing many stairs. A classic Food Tour will even get you out and about exploring all parts of the city, and before you know it your step count will be higher than anticipated.

Do you like going on active holidays? Any suggestions on where to go for one?