How To Improve Your Partywear Options 


If you’ve ever been in the scenario of wanting to go to a party but being worried because you don’t know what to wear, you certainly won’t be the only one. It can be hard to know what’s best to wear to a party, especially if the invitation says it’s a casual event. Everyone’s definition of casual is different, so what can you do? 

The best thing to do is not to worry about it. With the following helpful hints, you should be able to organise an outfit well in advance so that by the time the party arrives, you can enjoy it to the max. Read on for more information. 

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery

Use Layers

The most interesting thing about the dressing is how it is put together, and with layering, this can be very interesting indeed. For example, you have the benefit of being able to make more than one look out of just a few items of clothing. 

If you have one great dress that you love but that you always wear and you want people to see something different, you could wear that dress with a shrug, a smart scarf, or a lace top with a jacket. Adding different layers to an outfit keeps it interesting and means you will always have something ‘new’ to wear (even if you technically don’t).

Always Wear Trainers 

When you think of an outfit for a party, you’re going to want to consider your shoes. Most of the time, women will feel they have to wear heels, even if they don’t really like them or they find they are painful. Why do you feel like this? It’s actually better to wear something comfortable so you can have a lot more fun. 

The answer, of course, is a smart pair of trainers. Since we’re talking about going to a party, you won’t want to wear your old scuffed, dirty pair that you slip on when you leave the house on a standard day. Instead, you should have a pair – or pairs – of trainers you wear specifically for important events. They’ll stay cleaner, look brighter, and because trainers can pair with anything from jeans to a stunning dress, you’ll look wonderful too. 

If you don’t like trainers and don’t want to wear heels, what about boots? You can get boots with different designs and bright colours to match your outfit. In the winter, you can dress up a short dress by putting on knee-high boots. There are many different kinds of boots. If you want the most comfort, you should choose a flat base, but you can also add a high heel if you want. It depends on how comfortable you are and what you plan to wear to the party. Essentially, boots give your look a new twist without hurting your feet.

Minimal Jewellery

Adding jewellery to an outfit is a fabulous idea, and it can really make a big difference. As with layering, wearing different jewellery can make an outfit look brand new even if you’ve actually worn it a few times before. 

You must remember to keep your jewellery to a minimum, however, as otherwise you’ll find people get distracted, and you might be uncomfortable. You want them to see all of you, not just the shiny things around your neck or wrists or hanging from your ears. A great option when it comes to minimal yet effective jewellery is a cartilage hoop from Urban Body Jewelry. These are just unobtrusive enough not to get in the way but interesting enough to smarten up any outfit. 

Minimal Makeup

Just like too much jewellery, too much makeup will be a distraction. Plus, it’s just not the fashion right now. Keeping things minimal and as natural as possible is a much better option. This will help you feel confident rather than self-conscious, and it will ensure that your outfit shines. Plus, it’s easier. If you try to style your makeup to make your outfit, you’ll have to spend a long time getting it right, not to mention all the preparation. If you want to enjoy the party looking your best, the simpler your makeup is, the better you’ll look and feel. 

Add A Touch Of Colour 

It’s helpful to know your skin tone and the colours that look good on you. The most beautiful colours are the ones that make you stand out. Don’t follow the trend of earth tones and stay away from colours. Sometimes it’s nice to wear bright, wild colours to show that you’re happy without saying a word. You can always add new colours, patterns, and prints to your dress to make it look more stylish and modern.