3 Things That Make Home Heating More Expensive

Collaborative Post

Winters are a magical time of gathering with family, enjoying beautiful snow, and gawking at terrible heating bills.  We try to ignore how high our heating costs can get every year, but it seems like the prices keep getting higher and higher!  Fortunately, this problem doesn’t have to be entirely out of our hands, since we can make changes to fix it!  Here are the top three things that make our heating bills so scary in the winter, and what we can do to fix them!

Image: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen via Unsplash

1- Drafty Windows, Doors, and Floors

This problem is the first thing most people think about when they see their heating bill go up.  You don’t have to replace every single window and door in your home to make your heating bill go back down- instead, you should run the candle test.  This test is simple as it just takes a couple of minutes to find the culprit.  Light a match or a candle, and walk it near any windows or doors that you suspect.  If the candle flickers strongly towards or away from an opening, that’s how you’ll know that there’s an opening that needs to be sealed.  You don’t have to look at Halton real estate and move out to fix this; you can replace the offending window or door- or close them so that they won’t leak anymore. 

2- Thoughtless Use of Heat and Old Systems

If you leave your heat running at full power when your home is empty all day, you could be making a rookie mistake.  There’s no need to heat an empty house thoroughly!  Instead, get a smart thermostat that offers an app for your phone.  This device will allow you to turn down your heat before you leave and then turn it up again when you’re on your way back home.  You’ll be able to handle the fluctuations of temperature throughout the day more efficiently, and you’ll possibly have the chance to even half your heating bill.  These apps will also often help you monitor when the heat is most needed so that you can conserve electricity in other parts of your home at those times to balance it out.  It shouldn’t be impossible to save money on your bills!

3- Insulation That Hasn’t Been Checked In Years

Do you notice a lot of snow and ice buildup on your roof every year?  These burgs can lead to leaks, mold, and even flooding if you’re not careful.  Unfortunately, this is usually a symptom of old or inadequate insulation.

Our homes’ insulation locks out the cold winter air and allows us to feel warm and cozy inside despite freezing temperatures.  Unfortunately, many people forget their houses even have insulation and often forget to check this as often as they should.  Hire a professional to come in and check your insulation to ensure that your home is set for the winter.  Although it may feel embarrassing if you realize this is the problem- it’s an easy fix that will keep your home warm for years.