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16 months old

I had forgotten how busy a 16 month old toddler can be!

N is constantly on the go, chasing the cat is undoubtedly his favourite activity – poor cat. He is fascinated by the cat, and I think this fuels his desire to climb. I am finding myself constantly saying “don’t stand on the table!” or “ah no, not the curtains!” as he attempts to use them to climb up onto the windowsill. It is just possible that one day he will be a great explorer scaling mountains instead of windowsills, and I will look back fondly and sigh. But for now, I find myself having many heart in mouth moments as I grab for him before he brings my curtain rails down.

Toddler Mealtime

Mealtimes are fun, N enjoys his food, but still hasn’t really mastered the idea of using cutlery – preferring instead to use his hands. This means that eating yogurt is a messy process for him, and it’s one of those things I avoid unless we’re at home in the kitchen where at least it will mop up relatively easily. Strangely he really does not like rice, in any form. I think it must be the texture he finds strange. It means that chilli is now being served with wedges while I continue the battle in small amounts.

Sleep is for the weak…

Sleep…he is still waking once a night, but I am hoping that is partly due to teething. He has so many teeth, and is growing up so quickly. I can barely believe that this time last year he was teeny tiny!

Talk to me…

Words… words are coming slowly. So far we have Daddy, Mummy, Cat, Door, RoRo (his biggest brother) and one or two others. I worry whether he has enough words for his age. But I also know he has a lot of understanding – I can ask him to e.g. put the ball into the bag and he will.

Toddler fun

I’m constantly reminded that the best toys are strange things like wooden spoons and a saucepan. He does love playing with cars, but I also feel less is best at this stage, otherwise there are toys everywhere, but he isn’t actually playing with any of them! I wonder with excitement what the next months will bring.