Pregnancy & Parenting

New Mama.. it’s OK.

Someone once said.. “When a baby is born, so is a mother”. I’m not sure who it was that said those words, but they were very wise.  I’ve been referred to as “an experienced Mum”. I suppose as a Mother of 4, I should know what I am doing. However, sometimes I need the same direction as a first time parent. Sometimes, I am learning too.


The experienced parent..

Yes, I may have the practical experience, but, I am still finding my feet with my new baby. I need that emergency chocolate supply stashed in the cupboard. I’ll confess I still find myself struggling to collapse the pushchair. Instructions to things are read over and over, how many minutes do I need to microwave the steriliser for?! How many blankets should I use on his bed?! All simple things people assume I will know, but, I’m still learning. I’m still adjusting to my role as new Mama once again.  And, that’s ok!

Parenting Changes.

Parenting changes, with baby number 4 I no longer wish to dress baby in mini adult clothes. I don’t have the time to carefully plan meticulous outfits. His staple wardrobe for the next 6 months will undoubtedly be baby grows. Parenting also changes with the advice you are given. The advice I was given as a first time Mama in 2008 is now not the “done thing” most advice has changed with every child. So, I am still learning.

It’s ok.

I’m learning that it’s ok. It’s ok to ask questions and confess that actually, I don’t know. I have asked many “silly questions” over the last few weeks. But, I feel reassured that I have the answers I need to parent.

I am a Mama of a new baby, but also a new Mama to four. I’m learning to be a Mama to four, and that’s ok.

If you’re a new Mama, it is OK to ask questions about how to parent. It’s OK not to have all the answers, I’m not sure anyone has ALL the answers. So, ask your Mummy friends, ask the midwife or Health Visitor. Utilise parenting helplines. Don’t worry about not knowing the answer, ASK, it’s OK.